A business with no sign is a sign of no business

A collection of signs or any kind of graphic display to communicate a message or to promote a brand to a specific group is Signage.

pylon signs

In the era of the customer being the king, marketing is the key strategy for a profitable business model which aids in competitive advantage, corporate image, expansion of business, and brand image. Be it a product or service-based company. Over 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, creative signs or designs play an essential part of a business’s overall marketing strategy. There are so many signages in the field but pylon signs is an essential one.

Importance of Signage:

  1. Advertising/marketing your business 24/7
  2. Attracting customers to walk through your doors
  3. Providing information about the brand and making a good first impression
  4. Providing health & safety warnings.
  5. Drawing attention to promotions.

Different types of Signage:

  1. Informational Signage also be known as departmental, directional, organizational, or wayfinding signage which is mostly placed indoors
  2. Exterior Signage to increasing exposure and to bring awareness
  3. Persuasive signage to influence consumer behaviors like offers on a particular item
  4. Digital signage which uses projection to display content such as digital images and videos

Other ways of Signage includes hoarding, floor graphics, retail point of sale, rail mounted, ground-mounted, building mounted, stand-offs, window graphic, sidewalk menu boards, vehicle graphics, monument signs, wall signs, 3D signs, lobby signs, and letters

Key elements of Signage:

  1. Shape
  2. Colour combination
  3. Font & spacing
  4. Proper Placement
  5. Image complexity
  6. Clear message

Advantage of Signage:

  1. Increased customers
  2. Increased sales
  3. Relatively cost-effective in comparison to other forms, such as radio, television, and newspapers
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Brand visibility

The disadvantage of Signage:

  1. Unalterable once the sign is made or printed.
  2. Traditional or printed signage is not eye-catching as some of the flashy digital options.
  3. Technological Errors can occur in digital signs which can be costly to repair
  4. Digital signage is expensive and high-cost maintenance compared to printed signage

Based on survey analysis:

  1. Consumers have entered a store simply based on its signs
  2. Shoppers say that digital displays change what they buy because relevant information is placed near to the point of purchase
  3. People have told others about a business simply based on its signage
  4. Absence of signs or poor signage deters consumers from entering a place of business
  5. Businesses report that altering the mean by enhancing the visibility of their signage had an optimistic blow on trades and profits.
  6. Educational institutions see digital signage as crucial for the future of communication
  7. Legibility is considered as the most important characteristic of signs.
  8. Customers say an easy to read the menu is their top priority in a restaurant
  9. Patients could recall at least one message from a digital sign viewed in hospital
  10. Signs at the gym motivates people to exercise harder


Irrespective of the types of Signage used, it will be a marketing solution to a business as it sends the right message and helping customers find their way around, providing useful tips and information.