Aloe substances help you to fight against the diseases by supporting the immune system.

The aloe vera plant is used by many people for many reasons and it is used to make creams for wounds and used orally for health benefits. Aloe vera gel is also an important substance taken to make medicines and beauty products, and aloe vera acemannan is a moist plant that stores water in its leaf to make gel and this gel is used as a medicine for sunburns, minor wounds, and cuts, skin problems, and bug bites. The products we bought from the stores may contain many harmful substances similar to dyes, etc.

To make a fresh aloe vera gel you need some easily available things like an aloe leaf, a minor spoon, vitamin C or E (powdered), a knife, a blender, and a sealed container to store the gel. Making aloe is an easy process, you can make it by using the things you have in your house, or if you don’t have aloe leaf purchase it from a market or a grocery shop.

The gel u prepare lasts only for one week so use just one or two aloe leaves, because you make the gel without any extra stabilizers. And if you want to preserve the gel for more than a week then you need to add vitamin C or E capsule powder. When you collect all the things to prepare the gel, this process may take only 30 minutes.


Aloe gel:

To make aloe gel you need to use a fresh aloe leaf, first take the outer part from the aloe leaf and if you are unable to have a fresh leaf you can use the stored leaf too, after taking the outer leaf to wash the aloe and remove all the dirt and keep it in a stand position in a bowl or cup at least for fifteen minutes and now you can see yellow-tinted mastic leave from the leaf and that substance is known as latex when the full resign come out of the leaf just peel off the deep skin of the aloe vera by using the knife.

Making of aloe gel:

When you peel off the skin you will see the normal aloe vera gel. Use a small spoon and put it into the blender and be aware you do not put any aloe skin into your blender, then mix the gel until it becomes watery and frothy and this process only takes few seconds.

The next process is adding preservers which extend the ledge life of the aloe gel, even though the aloe vera naturally contains various vitamins that are not sufficient to preserve it for longer than one week, so add these vitamins to extend its life for more than a week. These vitamins can improve the skin-protecting control of the gel you make. For every 60 ml of aloe gel you make, including 500 mg of vitamin powders.

Add the vitamins directly to the blender and mix it well until the substances are fully combined.

Storage process:

After making the aloe gel without adding C or E vitamin it can be stored in the fridge in a container for up to one week. You can also halt the aloe gel in the ice tray, use it for up to six months.