Benefits Of Using Asbestos

Asbestos fire, chemical, and temperature resistance properties make it ideal for use in industries and construction purposes. It is mainly used in thermal insulation flooring and roofing. Asbestos Removal Oxford roofing is mainly advisable for home as it does not catch fire easily and maintain indoor temperature. It can also be placed near the electrical components, as it is resistant to fire. In a study conducted in the USA, it was found that asbestos roofing has to decrease 10,000 annual deaths that result from fire in 1950.

Asbestos Removal Oxford

One more reason to use asbestos in construction work is for its length of service. It can last up to forty years once installed during roofing or flooring. Besides, if we mixed cement with asbestos, it would double its lifespan. Compared to other materials like wood or plastic asbestos is no doubt first in terms of durability.

Usages of asbestos in construction are:

  • Asbestos concrete
  • Linoleum tiles
  • Ductwork connections.
  • Loose-fill insulation
  • Construction adhesive
  • Drywall taping compounds

The affordability and longevity in fireproofing make it one of the best materials for making plumbing utilities. Some of the common uses of asbestos in plumbing and utilities are:

  • Concrete pipes
  • Asbestos pipes insulator in the large commercial building.
  • Public utility service line

The manufacturing industries hit hard during World War 2 when there is a huge demand for consumer goods. Armies who joined the war mainly used them. The products made of asbestos are cheaper which lead to mass production of consumer goods during that time. Some of the goods include oven mitts, appliance insulation, fume hood, plastics, gaskets, clothes textile, and garments.

The automobile industry also got benefits from its property. As the products made of asbestos are durable and heat resistant, automobile companies’ start manufacturing parts of cars with it. These include valves, gaskets, clutches, brake pads, and hood liners.

Some more advantages of asbestos are:

  1. Economically viable: When it comes to the construction of a house, financial stability is very important. Everyone who wishes to build his dream house wants it to be beautiful and budget-friendly. This is one of the major reasons why people tend to choose asbestos rather than tin or other materials. They are durable and cost and pocket-friendly. The roof made of asbestos also looks elegant and beautiful.
  2. Weightless: In the earthquake-prone area, asbestos is best for rooftop, as it increases the chances of survival. Asbestos is a light weighted material. That means it does not need any powerful support. If we choose heavier material for the rooftop it will need more support which in turn increases the budget of your construction. It will also be deadly during an earthquake.
  3. Installation is fast and easy: As we mentioned earlier they are lightweight. They can easily be carried to different locations according to the requirement. They were mainly manufactured in long thin sheets. So there is very little effort to install.

Unfortunately, with so many advantages of asbestos, it has serious disadvantages also. The family who is under constant exposure to the dust of the asbestos may have serious health issues if exposed for a long time. The roofing material constitutes asbestos cause lung cancer, which is not felt immediately but after 20 years.