Best Choices for the Perfect Car Hire Now

To help travelers who want to arrive prepared at the time of collecting the vehicle avoiding unpleasant surprises, experts have compiled a short 10-point handbook with all that is good to know. You can click and drive car hire easily now.

Book first to save money

click and drive car hire

Booking your car online before you leave allows you to count on greater availability of vehicles, on the other hand, to reduce costs by taking advantage of the many discounts that many companies offer to those who move with large advance. It is possible to lock the vehicle directly on the site of the car rental companies, relying on the comparison portals or through the tour operator that is organizing your holiday. If, on the other hand, you decide to hire the vehicle directly on arrival at your destination, consider that you will be forced to settle for the vehicles physically present at the car hire. if the car you are aiming at is not available you may be forced to choose a vehicle in another category, perhaps more expensive.

Better at the airport or in the city?

Whether you can book the vehicle in advance or do it directly on arrival, depending on the destination you will have to choose whether to pick up the vehicle at the airport or in one of the city centers. There is no absolute best solution. The advice is to carefully evaluate the rates. Picking up the vehicle in the city is often cheaper, but you have to take into account the costs necessary to reach the rental, while if you choose to take the car directly at the airport, for greater convenience the expense could be higher. Among the lesser-known costs to pay close attention to is that related to the drop-off, a fee due if the car is returned to a place other than the one in which you took it. The further away from the two points, the greater the cost. if they are even found in different states, the expense could rise significantly.

What car do you choose?

It is important to know that when booking a vehicle it is not possible to choose a specific model, but only the macro-category compact, family, luxury, etc. Once you get to the car hire you can decide on which vehicle to get on board among those of the booked category. In the event that there are no vehicles in your category available, the rental company may assign you a superior vehicle, of course without having to pay you a surcharge. Fortuna? Perhaps, but beware of any damage to the car because the repair costs could be higher.

Watch the acronyms

Car rental cars are commonly identified by an acronym, such as CCAR or EDMR, but don’t worry, finding your way through these acronyms is simpler than it may seem. To decipher the code it is sufficient to consider that each letter represents a characteristic of the vehicle: the first identifies the category of the car e.g. C for compact, E for economic, etc., the second indicates the type of vehicle C for three doors, D for four doors, V for vans, etc., the third type of change A for automatic and M for manual while the last indicates air conditioning M if absent, R if present. Be careful though, not all companies use this classification. Always ask the renter for confirmation before booking.