Braun sues Comisar for alleged fraud

The film industry gives us all kinds of entertainment but undoubtedly in the film industry, there are many suspense as well as many things that happen in the industry which is completely out of common people’s reach. There are many things that are unexpected for common people.

The manager of the famous singer of Hollywood Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun has sued Former Goldman Sachs Business Partner Peter Comisar for alleged fraud. However, at first, they both used to work together, and due to tension created in both of which is mostly due to financial problems. At first, both of them were not open to the media but as the matter heated more, scooter Braun sued Peter.

Reason for being sued

As this was clear that Peter was sued and alleged for being a fraud, but the petition filed against him was not clear. But now, it is all open so scooter has filed a charge against Peter which says about unlawful excoriate and irrelevant threats against him.

Peter Comisar

In return, Comisar also filed a complaint against his ex-associate of $50 million and that is because of forcing him to join SCOPE. Also, Comisar alleged that his associate failed to give the total money decided by them and the money they had to deliver was near $500-$900 million. Sources say that Comisar does this to cover up his own complaint against him and he is just taking revenge from Scooter.

However, this scooter said again that Comisar has always been a disaster and working with him was never a good experience, as well as in business they have to face many things. Also, his performance in the field of the investors was very poor and disgusting and he provides zero security to the investors.

Like this, there were many things that tell about the nature of Comisar and his way of working with the business. Apart from this Comisar is also alleged for taking his salary forcedly for one and half months which was about $5 million. Scooter said that in the same way, he has a history of more such frauds.

Whereas on this, Comisar doesn’t keep quiet and says that Braun and said that he was not serious about the annual fund of the SCOPE and has committed fraud at the financial level of the company. Comisar said that he secured $250 million total for this company and in comparison to this Braun couldn’t collect this much money.

After listening to this allegation, Braun spoke up and said that all this time Comisar was always using the hard work and time his and he never paid attention to SCOPE and In Spite of this he was creating his own business and was using him to develop his business. Both of them work for SCOPE, and their work is in the business area of the company, but Braun found that Comisar is involved in some fraud regarding the company but in context of this Comisar also didn’t stop and he also said many things about Braun and alleged him about a various thing. Braun also believed that he alleged him about the financial level when Comisar came to know that he has been sued.