Buying your own house In the Easiest Pattern

You can, of course, negotiate with the seller yourself. But we do not recommend that. A house is always for sale with an asking price. So there is the possibility to negotiate. Get advice from the Real Estate Group. As a professional, we negotiate on behalf of you with the broker who does this on behalf of the counterparty. You can visit to understand the best.

This way you know for sure that you are not paying too much for your home because you may not be objectively listed here. This ensures that you pay back the buying broker twice and for all. You must also pay attention to so-called resolute conditions. So under what unforeseen circumstances can you buy your own home? Think of the unexpected failure of the financing because the bank rejects your mortgage application. This must be well documented so that you minimize the risks.

The deed of sale

Because when you have reached this step, it will become official and less voluntary. Sounds exciting but you almost already live in your own house. The agreements made are recorded in black and white in the deed of purchase. Under these agreements, you sign the signatures together with the counterparty. In practice, the broker of the seller is the person who draws up this deed of purchase. In addition, a number of formal matters are laid down in the purchase contract.  In short, it means that checking the deed of purchase is part of our mortgage advice package.

Mortgage advice: need or do it yourself?

It is mandatory to identify yourself with a mortgage advisor. Before a mortgage advisor starts working for you, you must make agreements about the advisory and brokerage costs. This used to be discussed less emphatically because these costs were included in the financing. Nowadays this is no longer permitted due to the commission ban. In practice, it comes down to receiving a bill for mortgage advice that you have to pay directly. Taking out a mortgage is something that you can do yourself. This is called execution-only and that saves you the costs of taking out a mortgage.

This saving can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Why not choose this option immediately? Easy: A mortgage is such a large product that mortgage advice is almost necessary. An expert adviser will quietly go through all the necessary steps with you and will do so in a well-founded way and based on your personal situation.

That way you know for sure that you will get the best mortgage with the lowest monthly payments. It sounds like a standard talk, but mortgage advisors are bound by laws and regulations that oblige them to give the best advice.

This is often full of professional terms and before you put the signature, they will be discussed with you. In the end you have a mortgage for which you know exactly what it entails and ultimately cost per month. With the execution-only, you have to take care of this yourself.

Visit the notary

The notary officially settles the purchase of your house. He is responsible for the further course and takes care of the payments. The notary draws up two deeds:

  • The deed of delivery proof of ownership
  • The mortgage deed.

The buyer and seller receive a bill of settlement in advance. Here you will find all the payments. You will find more about the transfer tax, repayment of the old mortgage, notary fees, appraisal and the bill for mortgage advice.