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Comments have been received from brethren and sisters in Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and many states throughout the United States of America

The encouraging words are very much appreciated!

Great insight - Thanks
Bro. EMJ from Colorado Feb 2012

I have ADD and have a very hard time following lessons and getting very much out of them. My brother-in-law introduced me to this site that he uses to prepare his gospel doctrine lessons. For the first time in my life after reading your lessons I can honestly say, it is the first time in my life that I can follow the lesson and understand the gospel. I cannot thank you enough!
SVL Salt Lake City, Ut July 2011

May I express my appreciation for the clear and careful manner that this information is presented. It has helped me so much.

I copy your lessons at the beginning of each week they help me to be prepared and to learn more from my lessons. I am so very grateful for the material you provide.
Sis. PD Aug 2010

Thank-you so much for the wonderful lessons on the Neumann website. I love reading and studying them as I prepare my Gospel Doctrine lesson. I always find them doctrinally sound, full of good information, and very useful. I wish I knew what to give in exchange.
Sis. JM Aug 2010

I love this website. I always read the lessons you prepare. Thank you for all you do.
HM, Virginia, July '06

My branch in Banff, AB Canada does not have Sunday school. We are required to study on our own each week. It is great to be able to find one website with all the information I need to study and understand the lesson....thanks :)
K., July '06

I have found your site to be very helpful in assisting me to prepare for teaching Adult Sunday School assigned to me Saturday night. I have marked it as a site to visit often for personal preparation. Thank you.
(A last minute substitute in)Utah - July '06

I am one who is cronically ill and I often am not able to attend my Sunday meetings. For this reason, I am trying to study on my own and your handouts for the Gospel Doctrine class are SO VERY HELPFUL to me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your insights and your preparation for good in this endeaver. I am one who appreciates you SO MUCH.
JK. Utah - May '06

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for your complementary study material. I believe that gospel study was not intended to be challenging or tricky as the Lord wants us to understand his principles and doctrines. In due time we will gain knowledge,if we prepare ourselves to recieve it through the spirit. With a gratful heart I give thanks for the simple truths your study materials supply."
T.E. United Kingdom - May '06

"Excellent resource that closely follows the Church's lesson manual. Handy for quotes for both sources."
(A Teacher from) Delaware, US - Mar. 06

Rating - Very helpful! Each week, after studying the Church manual, I print out Brother Neumann's lesson and use it as a guide for my class. I am currently working towards my doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and do not have the time to put together an outline that is as well done or comprehensive as I have found on your website. Thank you so much!
Sis. K-R (Teacher), US - Mar. 06

Rating - Very helpful! I have some English speaking people in my Spanish adult class and these lessons are so helpful to them in order to follow the lessons. Thank you to you.
Angela A., SPAIN - Feb. 06

My husband and I use this lesson material in addition to the Gospel Doctrine lesson for the week. It is helpful in our studies.
BMA, CA - Feb. 06

This visitor, a Teacher, rated the website's value as "Marginal" and provides these comments...
Sorry, I think the material is a little too predictable and simplistic. I really don't find the editorial comments useful, as they are full of typical jargon and easy answers. Fine if all you need is a simple outline, but no better or different from the manual. I prefer material that challenges us a little.
B.L., Utah - Feb. 06

Editor's comment: Many other websites from faithful LDS members are available for varied and challenging lessons. This site is indeed intended to faithfully follow the Teacher's Manual in a simple handout format. When a teacher chooses to vary from the authorized material as approved and published by the Church in an attempt to "challenge" class members, this website will certainly fail to meet their needs.

I have used your site for a couple of years (for personal study) and find it a great help in studying the lessons.
N. G., Texas - Jan. 06

THANK YOU!! I am a Relief Society president and there are many elderly, shut ins in our ward. I love to print out your lesson and take it to them. We discuss some of your points. Thank you for having this available to us. I always learn from your lessons.
K. P., USA - Nov. 2005

As a teacher, I find this site very helpful. Great work, keep it up!!
John - Utah - Nov. 2005

I am grateful for these hand outs. I teach Seminary and am also called upon to substitute in the Gospel Doctrine and the Youth classes. I have learnt much from them. thank you and keep up the good work.
F.K, QLD Australia - Nov. 2005

I use your site as a substitute teacher and it is very helpful. Thanks for the info!
C. G., Oregon - Nov. 05

We just love the site , and use material from it every week, thanks Bunches
B&L H., Heber City, Utah - Nov. 05

I find your site very helpful for my personal study. Wonderful to have!
Canadian Member - Nov. 05

Your outlines are marvelous! Thank you very much for the time, effort and knowledge that you share so freely with others. I truly couldn't prepare my lesson without the helps I find at this site.
B.C., Utah - Oct. 05

This site is very helpful. Thank you so much for providing this excellent material to go along with my other teaching materials. It is such a blessing, so well done! I am extremely grateful.
L.W., Indiana - Sept. 05

Excellent site. Just a note to say, "Thank you," for making your book, Messages from the Most Correct Book, available on-line. Your generosity is much appreciated!
R.VS. - California - Sept. 2005

I will certainly visit your site often; because sometimes I have to teach at a moment's notice--usually only a few hours to prepare; and, on less frequent occasions, no time at all. Your site gives doctrinal information which assists in perfecting the saints. Many thanks.
Minnesota - August 2005

I enjoy this site and use the material as I study for the Gospel Doctrine lesson each week. ... Thank you for making all of this available to us.
JT, Utah -- August 2005

I teach the Valiant 12 class in Primary and was looking for a summary of the BoM stories for both last week and this week’s lessons. Both times Google sent me to your handouts, which were just what I needed. ... What a great site – I will definitely keep it in mind for future use. I also printed out your “use of handouts” page for our Gospel Doctrine teacher to consider. (He’s great already, but I thought the ideas are worth sharing.)
TM -- June 2004

This website is a brilliant resource for very busy 'Gospel and Doctrine' teachers. I am a high school teacher who is very much involved in preparing school lessons each week.
Keep up the good work, and please do not ever close down your website; you are a life saver. May God bless you in this inspiring work.
RC - Western Australia.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and used your website for instruction in Gospel Doctrine. Thank you for your time and effort to assist those of us in search of teaching helps.
SG 1/6/04

I just thought I should take a moment to thank you for your work with the lesson plans you have available... I have been teaching Gospel Doctrine for the past 15 months. I am a "stickler" on quoting only from Apostles and Prophets. I have appreciated your insights...which act as a great starting point to preparing my lessons.
May the Lord bless you for your goodness, time and talents you have been willing to share.
Best Regards,
Idaho 12/22/03

I wanted to thank you for these wonderful lessons and the time you have taken in research and effort to put these together for the members of the church to use! I home school my children and have encorporated your lessons right in with our daily school schedule. It is so refreshing to begin each day with studying the scriptures and it has helped them in their Sunday school classes to have a greater understanding of the gospel. I just appreciate these lessons so much, they are wonderful! Keep up the great work!
Arkansas 12/15/03

I must tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into your site. As a Gospel Doctrine teacher, and one that believes in staying true to the manual, you have helped to simplify my life. I use your lesson format, sometimes adding the video, etc., that the manual suggests. It is easy to the eye and wonderfully organized. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading your lessons on the Book of Mormon.
11/22/2003 E - USA

Just a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed your lessons, and how much they have helped me in teaching. ... Again, thanks for your help in the last two years.
11/2003 KL - USA

I would like to thank you for making your handouts available to the world. I teach the Sunbeams, which I love, but I am not spiritually fed on Sundays. I miss being able to participate in Sunday School lessons. I plan to print out your handout each week and study the lesson on my own. Thank you so much for this valuable resource, I know it will help me greatly.
AP - Arkansas

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much your lesson outlines have helped me in preparing for my gospel doctrine lessons each week. I certainly appreciate your hard work and commitment. Thanks again,
- California

Today Lesson 13 NT was the object of our Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class. Many questions arose about the transfiguration of Jesus Christ, which could not be sufficiently answered. Having returned home, I tried to get deeper into this matter and found your website. It is great. Thank you very much for your efforts.
MG - Germany

I love the site and are really enjoying the lessons. Thanks!

These lessons have been truly helpful. They have added much to my personal study of the Sunday School lessons. Two Sundays of the month I work in a Family History Center during Sunday School, so their rich insights have been even more important to me on those occasions. These handouts are superb, I cannot imagine them being any better! I appreciate these lessons being available on the internet.
My husband was killed in a car accident about 3 months before Bro. Neumann died. He had enjoyed these handouts, too, and felt they were extremely valuable in his scripture study, so I like to think perhaps he is sill enjoying his fine teaching in the spirit world. Thank you very much

Just found your site this morning after searching Google. The Church's site wasn't pulling up the text of the lesson manual, but, thanks to your help, I'm now set. Thanks again,

I really like to use these outlines for handouts. They save me hours of time! Thanks for your help.
J - Utah

I just want to thank you for these lessons. I am a Gospel Doctrine teacher in my ward. This allows me to do even more research than I thought possible. I am prepared and ready for anything coming my way on Sunday morning. I am impressed by the students. They study hard and I have to stay on my toes to be able to answer their questions or validate their comments. Thanks again.
S - Maryland

Thanks for your hard work. I'm sure your website is a great resource to others, especially Gospel Doctrine teachers.

I enjoy your Gospel Doctrine lessons...Thank You

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