Create Camaraderie between the Team Members through memory Wall

Teamwork is the most important thing for a company to excel in their field. The members of the team must be highly coordinated to complete each and every task of the company. The teamwork will help the workers to be collaborative and even motivated to boost other members. Team building is a great task which is necessary to solve the problems during work and also take some important decisions. The team members should be able to understand the thoughts of all the persons of the team. There are many interesting Team Building Activities which can be conducted both indoor and also outdoor as per the interest of the team members.

Various Interesting Activities:

Team Building Activities

There are certain indoor activities in which the team building can be enhanced to increase the effectiveness of the company. One can easily develop the team building to the members of the office through some games. There are many interesting indoor activities for developing an understanding between all the members of the team. One can easily conduct indoor activities in free time or during weekends. The common games involved in the team building our Code of Conduct, memory wall, Campfire stories, and more.

A memory wall is a kind of physical activity which tries to establish the memories of the team members. It gives a second chance to the team members to again live some moments of their life during describing the moment to the other team members. The team members will sketch the best experiences in their life in the whiteboard and will place them in a wall. The wall will remain until the completion of the whole event. These sketches will the focal point for the team members. The activity can involve 6 to 50 members and the duration of the event will be only for 45 minutes and can last nearly 1 hour.

Sharing Positivity Through Old Memories:

The main objective of the game is to build foster relationships and the camaraderie between the members of the team. Each and every member of the team must be given the paper, tape, and marker. The team members are asked to write down their valuable experiences and positive memories during their joint work for 15 minutes. After finishing the writing of the memories, the memories should be transferred as a drawing in the papers. The drawings can be rough as memory renditions. This task can be completed within 30 minutes. After finishing this drawing, the members should use the tape and paste the drawing paper on the wall.
Now, any volunteer can go forward and start explaining the drawings posted on the wall. These drawings will create a great memory for the members and also to the persons hearing the experience. Visual memory will help to recreate a positive relationship between the members of the team. So, this activity helps to develop a good relationship among the members and also to share their experiences with their comrades in an easy way. There are some other games which try to enhance some basic skills which are required for building a good team.