Driving license for the person with diabetes or any other medical conditions in the UK.

In the UK the government officials have the driving license sector under the name of DVLA – driver, and vehicle licensing agency. The person with diabetes or any other medical condition can also apply for a driving license in the UK, but that person who applies for a license has to inform prior about that cases to the government while they fill the driving license form. If they fail to inform, it is considered as breaking the law of the driving rule act. Either the person can apply for the license through postal or online they have to pay the respected fee which the government allotted for. If a person wants to buy real uk drivers license  then the person has to downloads the D1 form which is the official form provided by the government for license application.

Rules that follow for applying for a driving license :

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The person who diagnosed by diabetes or any other medical condition then the person should follow the rules which the UK government had built up. If the applier applies license for car, the motorcycle you need to tell the DVLA about your diabetes if you are treated with insulin. The applier applies for lorry, coach, bus or another vehicle in that case also applier should inform about diabetes under insulin in other cases while diabetes maintained under tablets then the DVLA considers it as a diet. Under the rules and laws, the applier can get the license after the verification. D1 form which is the form that authorized for the license application form and the diabetes patients should additionally apply the DIA B1 driving license form. In the D1 form, it holds the general and personal details which are for verification purposes. In DIA B1 form it has different parts they are as follows,

  • Part A :

It has general information about the applier such as name, address, cell or phone number, email, etc.

  • Part B :

This part has GP and diabetes consultant applier has to fill the name, address and telephone number of the GP consultant. Then about the last time check-up details.

  • Part C :

Will the questionnaire like when the person starts taking the insulin the date and there will be a declaration which has that the person will check diabetes two hours before driving and every two hours while driving there will be a sign box and date.

These are the steps that diabetes patients should follow when they apply for a driving license. when someone failed to inform if the person caught there will be a fine of 1000 pounds and imprisonment.

To get the form one can check the official website of the UK’s DVLA. the person who diagnosed by the hearing problem they have to inform DVLA and have to take the British sign language theory test, then only then can get the driving license. For the person who is facing issues in their sight then those people have to download the form V1 and the person has to fill the eyesight issues in that respected form along with D1 form.