Energy Saving at Its Best

Openings represent around 15% of energy loss in a house and a much more significant share in an apartment. To reduce heat loss, consider systematically closing the shutters of your windows at night, and consider investing in insulating curtains. These two good practices will allow you to reduce your energy losses by 15 to 30%. For the Reliant Energy options, this is important.

Locate the doors and windows

Reliant Energy

To go further, go around your home to locate the doors and windows leading to the outside or to unheated rooms veranda, entrance hall, garage, and then go out to the DIY store. On windows, you can invest in foam or plastic glue seals, or metal or silicone seals. For doors, prefer door strips, plinths or simply cushions for the bottom of the door.

However, ensuring the tightness of the house does not mean that you must stop ventilating. To maintain a healthy environment and enhance the feeling of warmth, it is recommended to open the windows wide at least ten minutes a day, which allows moisture to escape. The best is, of course, to ventilate during the day, when the temperatures are milder. On the other hand, at night, in winter, closing the curtains or shutters helps to conserve the heat accumulated during the day. The use of beads in front of the entrance doors also helps maintain the heat.

To keep the heat to the maximum, leave your curtains open in all rooms during the day and close them at dusk in winter: the sun’s rays heat the house during the day. Conversely, leave them closed during the day in summer and reopen them in the evening to let the heat escape.

Do not neglect the insulation of your home

if these works are relatively expensive, their performance is undeniable and can avoid heat loss to significantly divide your heating expenses. Well, insulated accommodation gains 25% more heat. To save electricity, it is very important to reduce your energy consumption. If a few everyday gestures can reduce it, other reflexes are to be adopted as soon as possible to make even more savings.

Compare electricity prices

Reducing the electricity bill should not go through deprivation or giving up your comfort. To pay less per kilowatt-hour, you must first compare the rates offered by different electricity suppliers. So, by favoring more interesting formulas, you are sure to save on electricity, and this, without changing your habits.

Switch to off-peak hours

During the day and at night, electricity is cheaper during certain time slots. These so-called off-peak hours are the ideal time to operate your washing machine or dishwasher, thanks to delayed start times. It’s also a great time to run your storage water heater. With Total Direct Energy, you can also take advantage of the Super Creuse Hours to offer to further reduce your bill.

Have a thermostat installed

To reduce the electricity bill, it is necessary to control the cost of heating. Indeed, it represents almost 60% of the home’s energy budget. By installing a Nest Connected Thermostat you’re sure to save electricity in winter, the period during which your expenses are highest.

Switch off devices on standby

Standby electrical devices consume energy. To save electricity, it is essential to switch them off completely. This involves disconnecting the electrical outlets or installing a standby system. This will reduce the electricity bill by around 11%.