Expert tips for skin care after 40

The fact that we are aging just does not stop. As we get older, our skin may change more than we would like. Don’t worry. Professionals will give you a secret that will make you look fantastic. Lifestyle is important, but also to capture these changes in a timely manner and adapt them to appropriate care. The CTFO technique happens to be essential here.

Let the skin breathe


Start with a small commitment, remove the skin and cleanse immediately upon arrival at home. If you let it breathe, it will reward you less prone to wrinkles and imperfections.

Get to know the active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, pro-retinol, glycerin these are superheroes that you should bet on when the skin needs effective care and deep regeneration. The content of these ingredients will enhance the effect of creams and sera and will start fighting even the most noticeable signs of aging.

Focus on your eyes

Unfortunately, dark circles, swelling and deeper wrinkles are not uncommon around the age of forty. No wonder, this is a difficult time when you are in one round children, family, work, hobbies and more. Include a special eye cream in your care to keep the eye area nourished and clear. Choose eye cream according to skin type.

Sleep for a younger look

Sufficient rest and, above all, sleep reduces the susceptibility to stress. By giving your body a good sleep, you will not only improve your mood but also your skin condition. Stress is a major cause of premature aging.

Vitamin E

It has a very positive effect on the overall vitality of the skin, it helps to cure its diseases and damage, and it participates in the scar healing. It also protects the skin from free radicals, reducing the aging process and reducing fine wrinkles. This vitamin is particularly suitable for use during the summer because it protects the skin from the effects of UV radiation.

Aphloie extract

Aphloia is a Madagascar tree that has an exceptional ability to adapt and survive in very difficult conditions. In case of a life threat, he is able to completely restore his bark. In addition, its leaves contain a high concentration of a molecule that protects it from aggressive environmental influences. Highly concentrated aphloie extract improves the protective function of the skin, mainly because of its positive effect on cell cohesion and the cellular structure of the skin. With regular application to the skin, collagen fibers are restored.

Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids

They affect the elasticity of the skin, but also many other organs in the body. They make the skin soft, soft and nourished. Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids contain, for example, fish oil, but also avocado and its oil. These ingredients smooth the skin and prevent wrinkles. The advantage of this fruit is also that it contains natural sunscreen.

Fruit acids

With their help and other enzymes the topmost skin layer is removed, causing new, nicer skin to grow. It is basically a finer form of chemical peeling. The skin then works much better, it is clearer and has a unified tone. However, when using products with these acids, the skin needs to be protected even more from sunlight, even during the winter months.