Finer Value for Detailed Data Recovery Process

After starting the recovery program, select the drive symbol with the magnifying glass on the left and click on the card reader with the SD card in the logical drive tab. Then click on the green check mark, and you will see the directory structure in the main window. With the this is important.

How to create a recovery DVD

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Select the files you want to reconstruct and click on them with the right mouse button. Now you can save the files. You should not do this on the SD card, so you do not accidentally overwrite the files. This can lead to irreparable damage. It’s best to save the files to disk. The Undelete for Root Users app restores deleted files on Android phones.

How to restore cell phone data

Even a smartphone is not protected against data loss. If the contacts, music files or photos disappear or SMS messages are no longer findable, then you should first of all look at the memory card. Turn off the phone and remove the card. Insert it into a card reader and connect it to your computer. Try Recuva first.

Alternatively, use PC Inspector File Recovery. If the data is not overwritten, it can almost always be easily recovered. But what if the missing files were not stored on a memory card but in the internal memory of the smartphone or mobile phone? In this case, connect the device to your computer via USB and select the USB connection mode. Then the PC recognizes the phone as mass storage. Now restore the deleted files with PC Inspector.

Data recovery without installation

Let’s say you are on vacation and have accidentally deleted the pictures on the SD card of your camera. And suppose you have access to a PC in the hotel or an Internet cafe, but you are not allowed to install software such as the Recuva rescue tool.

Then simply use the mobile version of Recuva, which you can save on a USB stick. This USB stick will take you on vacation. In case of emergency, put it in the calculator of choice and start Recuva directly from the stick. Now insert the memory card containing the deleted data, and it is best to place the data directly on the USB memory stick on which Recuva Portable is located.

Fix broken Word files

The small tool Repair my Word cannot recover deleted DOC files. You can do that with Recuva, for example. Repair my Word is able to repair damaged Word files and restore their contents. Word files, for example, cause damage in the event of a hard disk defect or a brief power failure during the storage process. The files can then no longer be opened. Instead the file call is acknowledged with an error message.

However, often not the whole file is broken and corrupt, but only certain parts or sections of text. Try to open the damaged file with Repair Word if this works, save the file as an RTF file. Then open the document in Word for editing.