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Every year is the same, goals are created and the desire to start new projects and live new experiences ends up generating resolutions. The pursuit of development is very important for those who are really anxious to change some sectors of life. And you probably, by this time in the championship, have already set some goals for next year, right? You can even make personal New Year’s decisions, such as losing weight, going to the gym, a trip, or finally learning a new language. With CPD training this is true.

Creating New Year goals is a way to understand where you want to go and what you want to achieve. It is to set realistic goals and establish some means of achieving them in sectors of life, such as the personal, education and finally the professional.

Professional development is one of the most important for those with the ambition to achieve specific career performance goals. However, professional development ends up being ignored when job demands start to take up most of the time. That is why it is important to set professional goals early in the year. This will give you career direction and guidelines. And you won’t get confused or lose focus over the months.

But where to start

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First start by asking yourself: How can I make this year a period of development? How can I become a more valuable professional at the end of the 365 day period? You can find good answers, and better understand your wishes, if you ask the two questions above. In addition, you can also set some of the five professional development goals contained in this post. How about trying?

Just remembering some of these investments may take some time to pay off. Professional development is an evolution, progress. It is not a magical effect with immediate results. But if you persist until the end the advantages are huge. Since many people focus only on quick gains and abandon the rest, this could be their market differential.


Nothing is more important for professional development than education. Creating learning goals begins with identifying gaps in relation to your current knowledge. It is recognizing your weaknesses in specific skills, which if practiced will leverage your career growth.

It all starts with education. Your success and professional development depend on your study efforts. Learning must be something constant. Never stop studying, being curious and eager to understand how your marketplace works.


Creating a good work relationship network, also known as networking, is very important. Nowadays the market is becoming more saturated and it is not enough just to be a good professional in your area to be recognized, you need to have direct indications.

The famous IQ, have you heard?

It may seem a little unfair, but that’s how the market works. Sometimes it is not enough to be very good. They are the contacts that guarantee the possibility of professional growth and even a job vacancy. Relationships are like your body, they need care and training. Remember to practice and cultivate. Take time for your professional relationships. Be a proactive professional, ask questions, share your experiences, voice your opinions, and be willing to listen to constructive criticism.