Greater Performances for the Air Conditioning Processes

Comfort in housing depends not only on design, furniture and technical equipment. No less important is the microclimate in the rooms. It is impossible to provide optimal living conditions without climate technology. That is why air conditioners have long been perceived as must-have equipment. You need the Explosion Proof Air Conditioner there.

You can buy Kiev air conditioners in many equipment supermarkets. However, the assortment in stores is usually limited. And the prices are not always encouraging. For these reasons, many go shopping online. So, you will find an impressive selection of air conditioners in the online catalogs.

Pay attention to the manufacturer

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Catalogs feature original and certified equipment from a wide variety of companies. You can order premium products in the online store – such equipment is produced by Cooper & Hunter, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy. You can find functional and effective models of the class “economy”.

For example, in the lines of Zanussi, Electrolux, Sensei

Almost every manufacturer can offer you the equipment of the middle price category. Please note that the price is often increased by the use of advanced technologies, additional functions, design. Also, the cost may be greater due to the use of “premium” materials. You need to carefully analyze your needs so as not to overpay for air conditioning.

The best and most common option is a split system. However, if you want to save, you can choose a mobile air conditioner. It attracts with its portability. With this device, you can chill different rooms in turn. However, if finances allow, you can purchase a multi-split system. She works simultaneously in all housing.

  • The power of the equipment must be calculated taking into account the size of the room, cardinal point, the number of windows and equipment in the room. It is better if a specialist helps you with this.
  • Air conditioning, of course, cannot be called indispensable, but quite necessary – quite. It is better than any fan to cool the space of a house or apartment.
  • Perhaps the helpful tips provided in this article will help you make the choice of an air conditioner for your apartment.

First of all, it is necessary to determine its purpose, because, in addition to cooling, the air conditioner can also perform the function of warming and purifying the air.

Household air conditioners are divided into:

  • window
  • mobile and
  • split systems.

Also, the installation of air conditioners implies the presence of a supply and exhaust ventilation system.

The most popular are split systems, consisting of two blocks: indoor and outdoor

In large rooms, it is advantageous to install multiple systems consisting of one outdoor and several indoor units. One of the most important points determining the quality of the air conditioner is its power. The power is calculated depending on the thermal insulation, the area of ​​the room and the number of people living in this area.

An equally important characteristic when choosing an air conditioner in an apartment is its performance, that is, how many cubes of air it can pass.

  • The higher the score, the more efficient the work.

Photo of an air conditioner

The air conditioner should have several filters. In addition, it would be very good that the standard dust filter, which is present in all models, could be removed and washed independently.

It will be useful to have an antibacterial filter that can trap and destroy microbes and viruses. As for the air conditioner with oxygen ionizers, it is better to install it only in such rooms, which are very difficult to ventilate. Air conditioners are inverted and non-inverted. Inverters maintain smooth operation, uniform heating and cooling, they save energy. Non-inverted air conditioners do not have these features, so they are cheaper.