Having a Great Time with laser tag: How Can You Do That?

Many players wonder how to win a game of Laser Tag to their friends, family, or colleagues. In this article, we will give you the best tips and tricks to be the king of the laser tag .

Dress in dark clothes

Although it seems silly, the facilities where it plays often use ultraviolet lights that highlight light colors such as white and flour colors. If you dress in dark colors you will make sure not to sing among the players.

laser tag

Know the maze

During the first minutes of the game, take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the enclosure and all its corners when you find an area where you feel comfortable, stick to it. If there is an elevated area like a second floor or platform, take advantage of it to control the other players on the lower floor.

Sharpen your aim

In the first few engagements, focus on shooting at the laser sensors that are easiest to hit. As the game progresses, you will gain more confidence and you will be able to seek to give points that are more difficult but that means higher scores. Also, to ensure you hit your target, try to align your sight with the pointer of the laser gun. There are slight differences between the models, so take a good look at how it works to make it an extension of your arm.

Know your rivals

Once the game has started, you will recognize the best laser tag players. Try to avoid them by locating yourself in opposite areas and try to go for those who are less skilled.

Improve with practice

If you can do more than 1 game, try to do several as you will improve little by little. In addition to knowing the premises and its equipment well vests and laser pistols. What started out as a combat simulation intended for the military in the United States in the 70s and 80s, has now become a hobby that has spread too many other places around the world.

There is some confusion to distinguish the Laser Tag from Paintball, and even from Airsoft. All three are shooting games in which you must beat your rivals along with your teammates. But, beyond this general concept, there are many differences between them.

What does it consist of?

First of all, what is the Laser Tag? Also known as Laser Combat or Laser Game, as their names indicate, it is a sports game that simulates a confrontation between two teams. Players have a weapon whose projectiles are infrared rays and with which they must hit opponents. Each one has a series of receivers that count the successes and add points. As in most competitive games, the side with the most points during the game wins.

What started as a combat simulation designed for the military in the United States in the 70s and 80s, has now become a hobby that has spread to many other places around the world especially because of its similarity to Paintball, which we mentioned at the beginning, and its great advantage over it for children, since there is no impact of balls and, therefore, there is no risk of it hurting or staining.