History of video games and storytelling games as a source of entertainment

Two or more persons collaborated and keep on telling the story spontaneously using the game is known to be storytelling games. In the development of the story, each of the characters wants to play the role of various characters for the development of the storyline through their different features. In some of the cases, there is a need to be the traditional role of playing games that need one person to require many of the supporting roles and also to introduce the noncharacter forces like flood, fire, and others. That may distribute the various characterizations for the single role of the person. And the most popular way of storytelling is the role-playing game. And to check about the episode hack and to gain the gems and passes the user can visit the website episodegemshack.com to get the details. In the year 2009, a game development company named pocket gems is introduced which is known to be the best-rated game company.


Define of the episode: We know all of us to love storytelling even from children to senior citizens. The episode also the same that makes you create your own story to explore from you which will make fun. From the episode, you create your own story or else you can look over the other story of the other gamers. In this interactive entertainment, the youngsters make more interest to play on. This gives the immersive experience to gamers and also it made gamers as a creator. At any of the given situations, you can make out the interesting and exciting stories of your own.

History of the video game: In ancient days every gaming was used with various formats of electronic devices. We could make of earliest example from the year 1947, a cathode ray tube as an amusement device. The earliest history of video games is based only on the display of the video games. And the main conjunction with the platform is known to be the platform. The platform is nothing but the combination of the electronic components which specifies it from software and allows the video game to operate. The word computer is generally known to be a system. The mobile systems, laptops, or the desktop are having the ability to play a video game but not like the primary machines like personal digital assistance and graphing calculators. A personal computer that connected to the video monitor is known to be the media form which commonly known as the “Pc Game”. There is no proper declaration that the personal computer as a game platform and it is different hardware to be used as gaming hardware. And also the portable handheld gaming devices small and self-contained electronic device that is easily held. The portable handheld device contains the small screen, joystick, buttons and speakers, and other controlling devices.

Collaborative fiction games: Collaborative fiction is nothing but the making of group work that occurs in the classroom or workplace. It is a form of storytelling that contains collaborative writing as the primary means where the group of writers shares their collaborative writing and their creative control of the story. As a part of education more collaboratively the fiction gains the commercial benefits in academic research on a large scale.