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It’s time to compare your repayment options with specific bank offers. It is worth remembering that creditworthiness is not everything sometimes a bank can offer you a higher amount, but on less favorable terms. Meanwhile, when deciding on a loan, you should choose an offer that will be attractive to you not only when submitting the application, but also in the future. For the สินเชื่อเงินสด this is important.

In advertising, banks often emphasize the interest rate. However, there are many more elements at the final cost of the commitment:

  • Interest (calculated on the basis of nominal interest);
  • Actual Annual Interest Rate;
  • Preparation fees, commissions, margin;
  • Insurance of low own contribution;
  • Bridge insurance;
  • Costs of other products that the bank attaches to the loan (ROR account, debit or credit card);
  • Costs of early repayment of the loan;
  • The cost of property valuation;
  • Lastly, the amount of the loan, the sum you want to borrow from the bank;
  • Repayment system (equal or decreasing installments).

Completing documents for loan applications

After receiving from the bank or from a credit expert a list of documents necessary to submit to the bank, it is worth checking out at once what you have and if nothing has died in your home archives. Lack of any certificate or contract means the need to apply for a duplicate to the appropriate office. Below is a basic list of necessary documents.

The documents needed to apply for a loan can be divided into three groups:

Personal documents:

  • ID card,
  • A second ID card (driving license, passport),
  • In the case of marriages having property separation a document confirming this state,
  • Court order in the case of marriages separated or divorced.

Income documents:

  • Certificate of employment and earnings,
  • Bank account statement from the period of 6 or 12 months.

In some cases also:

  • Work certificate (if you have changed your job recently),
  • Contract of employment (if you have a fixed-term contract).

In the case of entrepreneurs, you will need:

  • The decision to assign NIP and REGON numbers,
  • A certificate of entry in the business register,
  • Certificate of making regular payments Tax Office,
  • A printout from the book of revenues and expenses.

Documents regarding other credit obligations:

Sometimes the bank may require additional certificates about our other credit obligations:

  • Credit service certificate
  • Certificate of loan repayment (if it has recently taken place).

In the case of consolidation loans:

  • Credit agreements,
  • Current balance of debt.

Having all the data you need, you must complete the applications correctly and submit them to selected banks. To avoid mistakes, give yourself enough time to collect the necessary documents. Remember to read the regulations of the credit offer carefully.

Signing a preliminary or development contract


The preliminary agreement is aimed at securing both sides of the transaction thanks to it, the partners have time to specify mutual relations. The preliminary agreement should contain the assumptions of the developer agreement, i.e. the sale price, among other things. The form of a notarial deed is not required, although most of such agreements accept it. Thanks to this, when the other party evades the conclusion of the final agreement, the interested party may assert his rights before the court.