Houston Electric Supply at the Right Price

Since the end of the monopoly on the distribution of electricity and gas, the competition between suppliers allows consumers to lower the amount of the electricity bill. Which electricity supplier to choose? What are the criteria to consider? What is the cheapest supplier? Answer in this comprehensive guide. You have the Power to Choose Houston and practicing that power is essential now.

Power to Choose Houston

The essential:

  • Compare suppliers before subscribing. Whether you own or rent, you have the choice of your provider.
  • The indexed tariffs make it possible to make immediate savings compared to the regulated tariffs (ex: Online offer of Direct Energy with -10% reductions on the price of the electricity).
  • Thanks to fixed prices, it is possible to protect against rising electricity prices up to 3 years
  • Where to compare electricity and gas offers?
  • Need help choosing an electricity supplier?
  • The comparator exhaustively lists energy supply offers and rates are updated monthly.
  • The consumer can select, according to his preferences, the energy to be compared (gas, electricity or both), the desired type of offer (fixed price, indexed price, green offer, etc.) and read each of the technical sheets produced by experts.

Electricity comparator

Choose an electricity supplier based on price. The amount of energy bills is a concern for 68% of people, according to a survey conducted. The price is the first criterion that leads a household to change providers.The opening of the market to competition, the consumer can leave the regulated tariff of EDF and freely choose a competing offer. For this, he has a choice among many alternative suppliers.

Choose an offer at an index price or fixed price?

There are two types of electricity offers on the market except for the regulated tariff. Should we choose indexed tariffs often more enticing or fixed price protection?

Price indexed electricity

According to the CRE survey annual Barometer on the opening of markets, the primary motivation for a change of supplier is the search for more competitive prices. Alternative suppliers have responded to this demand with price-indexed offers on regulated tariffs upward or downward trends in identical tariffs, but with a percentage reduction on the price of the subscription or kWh.

For example, at Planet Yes, the electricity subscription is up to 20% cheaper than EDF’s regulated rates subject to conditions. These offers are very effective because they guarantee savings for sure, regardless of the consumption profile.

The electricity-price-indexed offers are among the most profitable offers on the market, with the lowest electricity prices, including the Direct Online offer, kWh compared to regulated tariffs.The main disadvantage of these offers: the price is not fixed and can therefore increase. However, the increases are in the same proportions as the regulated rates. If these are upgraded by Y%, the indexed price offer will be increased by the same percentage, while remaining X% cheaper. The indexed offers are those to choose at this time. The reduction is transparent and immediate, and long-term developments are controlled through regulated tariffs.

This criterion is definitely to be taken into account if you want to protect the environment by promoting the development of clean electricity. With this type of offer, you have the assurance that X% of your consumption will be re-injected in the form of green electricity e.g. solar electricity into the electricity grid. Again, you can use energy comparator to find the right supplier more easily.