How the dubai silicon oasis Offers and How Exactly

Prepare yourself mentally. Talk to others about it to clarify your purpose. Make sure you know what you want because entrepreneurship also means overcoming setbacks. Fall and rise again. You don’t need money for that, but motivation and resilience. Read one or more books by and about entrepreneurs for inspiration. There are also books from entrepreneurs who really started out with nothing. They started with borrowed items, products that they only had to pay for when they were sold, etc. and of course with trial and error. The advantage of ‘talking to others’ is that they will soon be able to act as ambassadors for you and your company. Free indeed, because they give it to you. For the dubai silicon oasis this is important.

Research what you are starting

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Don’t just say something vague like ‘I want to start a web-shop’, because there are already too many shops like that. So make your plan concrete. Search especially via the internet for possible competitors. See what they don’t do well, and you do. Of course, without any idea it will not work, doing business is not an escape route for work slaves. Can you do something with websites like eBay and Marktplaats? Then start their first and gradually build up your capital to switch to a ‘real’ store or your own webshop. The latter does not have to be expensive. There are several providers of (almost) free webspace including a web-shop. They are not really top, but good enough for a start.

Affiliate marketing or drop shipping

If you want to sell products, you can get informed about affiliate marketing or drop shipping. That way you can set up your own website and offer products without actually having to purchase and keep them in stock. You may be a ‘provider number that much’ and you will have to spend a lot of time announcing your site, but well, it can be a start. However, do not overlook the profits that you will achieve through these methods. The chance that you will earn real income in this way is very small. But it can be an interesting way to start.

Make a business plan.

Have friends and family take a critical look at it and take their comments to heart. An entrepreneur is usually stubborn and that is often the way to success. But not yet, you are not yet an entrepreneur. Consider what you lack as an entrepreneur in your industry and start your studies. A course is a great way to empathize better with the life that you will soon have. The Internet here is also your big friend there you can find a lot of information and even complete courses. Free indeed.

Build a network.

Find people who can help you later. These are entrepreneurs large or small who have already completed the initial phase. Don’t sell them anything, don’t beg, but build a good relationship with them. Don’t forget your family and friends in the network. They may not be entrepreneurs but may be able to help you later. Moreover, they know other people that you do not know and they will soon be your ambassador. A network is not the same as people ‘connecting’ on LinkedIn. A network is a living organism and must therefore regularly have water and extra nutrients. That investment does not cost money, but it does require time and genuine interest in other people. Start this on time and never stop.