How the study of solar systems is made?

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In past years we cannot see high-quality videos on the television. If the antenna did not receive the signal properly the TV shows will not be shown. In rainy seasons antennas will not receive a proper signal so the channels will not appear on the television. But now the castings are done through satellites. So we can see high-quality TV shows, live channels, etc…

The first satellite launched in space is Sputnik. It is launched in the year 1957 by soviet. And now there are nearly 1800 operating satellites in the orbiting earth.


How the communication is done through satellite and the man?

First, from the earth station, a command is created to the satellite by converted into radio waves. The radio waves are nothing but electromagnetic waves. These waves reach the satellites with a speed of 3 lakh kilometres in a second that is equal to the speed of light. With the help of antennas, the radio waves are transmitted to the satellites. When satellites receive the signal from the antenna the waves are then converted into onboard code. Some of the satellites will have the ability to uplink and downlink options. Uplinks are used to receive the signal from the earth and downlinks send back the signal to the earth. The downlinks are created by the satellites.

NASA has decided that this communication is not enough for the Apollo mission. So they introduced a new communication method named Unified S-band. This USB can make the command, voice, and data that can be combined and converted to a single antenna. In the Apollo mission, NASA has decided to send some astronauts to space.

This USB makes the communication between astronauts in space and researchers in the earth station easy. When the transmitter does not have clear path satellites may lose its signal. To avoid these issues NASA has introduced a space network. This network makes a clear path to the signals and provides unstoppable global coverage for every earth orbits.

The satellites are launched not only for live channels and broadcasting, or for mobile networks, it is launched to study the solar systems and galaxies. These satellites are kept more than 1 billion kilometres away from the earth. Day by the satellites moves forward to get more information about the solar system. The information is collected by the photos taken by the satellite.