Installing an IP Camera: installing your own surveillance camera is a technical challenge

Luckily, a lot has changed in the last few years, so that modern IP cameras can now be installed and configured by users without a technical background in just a few minutes. The IP surveillance camera only has to be integrated into the home network and set up in the browser or the app.


But how do you connect a camera to the home network and what must be considered during the installation? These and other questions we answer in this blog article. You can go to the ราคากล้องวงจรปิด also.

Connect the IP Camera to the Home Network

The first step when installing your IP Camera is to connect it to the home network. To do this, first, connect the network plug of the IP surveillance camera to a power source. When the IP camera is ready for use, an LED lamp on the camera surface usually lights up. Now the network camera can be connected to the WLAN router.

Depending on the camera model and your wireless router, then either a wireless or a wired connection can be established. To create a wireless connection, simply press the WPS button on your device. To make a wired connection, connect your IP camera to your wireless router using a LAN cable.

Tip: If your camera has a PoE connection, the device can also be supplied with power via the Ethernet connection. You can connect the LAN cable directly to your PoE switch without worrying about an additional power connection.

Read the IP address of your surveillance camera

To see if the connection was successful, you can access the menu of your wireless router in the browser of your computer or mobile device. To do this, enter the IP address of your router in the address bar of your browser.

The IP address of the router is usually on the bottom of the device. Afterwards, the menu of your wireless router will open, showing all the devices connected to the router. Your camera is usually displayed with the name “IP Cam” or similar name. Next, to the name, you will find the IP address of your camera. Copy this IP address and open a new tab in your browser. Now enter the IP address of your camera in the address bar of the new window and press the Enter key. Now the menu of your IP camera appears.

If you are asked for a password when opening the page, check the back of your network camera or take a look at the manual provided. If a password is required, it is usually in one of these two places.

Set up the IP Security Camera

In the last step, you have the possibility to configure your surveillance camera according to your wishes. For example, in addition to the desired resolution, you can set remote access to control that has access to your live video.

If the menu of your surveillance camera offers you an installation wizard, then select it. The assistant will guide you through the configuration. In this step, also install the appropriate app for your mobile device. With the app, you can immediately check the live videos of your IP camera on your smartphone or tablet. Once the camera has been set up, it can then be mounted in the desired position.