Is there any mechanism behind the login process? How a person can able to bring his FB account to another account.

First, we can get the definitions for the word claims. It is nothing but a statement that is made by a party member about the other parties. Suppose a person wants to get access to another new service on the network-based. And the service does not know about the person who wants to gain access through their network. And to merge both the person and the structure here comes, a system known as an identity provider. Only with the help of an identity provider could we inform about the person to the network. Let us see about the provider and their reviews online .

 How does the computer system work while the use of social media?

With the help of the identity provider, the person can able to create a claim about him. If you have never used the Facebook login to make access to the non-Facebook site on the internet, and this could be the same process. At all times, we cannot be able to use our mobile to use Facebook. And our mobile will be stable in the login, and the person need not enter his/her password all time while logging in. but if the same person wants to log in to his account through another mobile or the computer systems, he should enter the account name and password in the system. As a result of this, with the help of an identity provider, we could get access to other systems. Only after completing these processes could we able to gain access to the other network services.

How are the claims packed in the provider systems?

With, the help of a security token, the claims are placed inside. While if a person won his athlete champion and rewarded with a one lakh voucher from the sport managing side. Here the management will not provide the one lakh as cash or else deposit to the winner. They would give as a voucher. While the coupon is given to the bank, he would get his one lakh rupees from the bank employee. Here the voucher is the identity for the amount he won. All the information we use to login to any social media and other websites is stored in the token. If anybody wants to log in to their account without a ticket’s help, the system will show deny notifications? After this process, the security token is then presented to the server, and it is deleted or destroyed.

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Within the process completion, the second security token is further created by the federation server. And the new permit would have information like which server is running the application. And additionally, the ticket in which applications the computer would get access. This information will not be valid for the first destroyed server. The created one has used claims-aware applications. People could able to see how the claims are incased the token and further used for authentication purposes. Only by these processes could we log in to our social media account on any computers and laptops. If the information provided by the account holder, it will not give access until the correct data is entered