Luxurious set which cannot be stayed by everyone

airbnb Canggu villa

Airbnb is an online market in which the traveller or guests used to book the room online from one place to another place you can able to do this. It is abbreviated as Air bed and breakfast. There will be a back yard in which the dogs and kids used to play you can make a friendly character with them. An only full house is provided for every room bookers which includes multiple bedrooms, kitchen, pool, bathrooms and as well as present with a back yard which is fully fenced. This article is to share something about the airbnb Canggu villa . They used to give a pillow, toilet papers, linens, towels, separate soaps for hand and as well as for body and cooking types of equipment, cleaning equipment’s free connections of Wi-Fi. You can also accompany your families, the place is also booked for dinner parties, office meetings, gatherings, and celebrations etc… these are some of the advantages of Airbnb.  There will be some best Airbnb and we used to get amazing through that. But remaining some of the Airbnb has nothing that is without the receptionist, daily cleaning, food serving and even the enjoying methods like spa, the gym will not be available. The guest should not select the room by the saying of host if it has happened you will be very worried as there will be everything at a high cost as to get a high impact rating for their many searching’s of Airbnb, the filter will not available as the filter is used to scroll down the languages that you may know for example Japanese, Korea, German languages etc… you have to book up fast as you may conform the trip in your side if any longer time you may not get good and sufficient house even if it is luxurious or even at low costs. So you may not belong for any that of the case to book the house which will be more convenient for yourself. These are the points of disadvantages in Airbnb.

There are some of the types of guests in  Airbnb, they are

  • Business travellers
  • Couples
  • Cultural enthusiasts
  • Family with young children,
  • Disability traveller
  • Groups of people in large member
  • Competitors of Airbnb
  • Home To Go
  • Flip key
  • Home away
  • VBRO which is abbreviated as Vacation Rental By Owner.
  • House trip
  • Vay stays
  • Vacay hero
  • Luxury retreats
  • Wimdu

These are some of the Airbnb companies which make competitor within themselves which is also able to grow. Types of home in Airbnb

The room in the entire

The guest also used to occupy a full area of the room if he is also a single person that is according to their wish.

The room in private

The private rooms are needed by the guest they used to provide a room for sleeping and still to specify one or two rooms will be given.

Shared room

The room also can be shared with someone that is one of the guests can sleep in a common area and on in the bedroom.  Here we have a short discussion on a few advantages and disadvantages, types of travellers who mostly uses the type of Airbnb, there are lots of Airbnb companies which held a competition among themselves. The staying’s of Airbnb is not bad and as well as not good too. It takes nearly eight thousand rupees per night.