Motor home Rentals As Per Your Requirement

Legally, you will have to choose a legal and fiscal status. Several solutions are available to you: open your agency in franchise or independent. As a franchisee, you will have to pay entry and royalty fees. In return, you will benefit from the recognition of the network brand chosen, negotiated rates and promotional tools. If you opt for an independent agency, you will be required to bring a plus compared to your competitors. For example, a specialization in luxury is motorhome rental. For the priory rentals cheshire you can find the best options now.

Technically, a suitable commercial space will be necessary. Indeed, a large car park is mandatory to park all vehicles, take example on this rental motorhome. Provide a customer space with a coffee machine. A clean and welcoming office will make your clients more inclined to sit down to discuss and write documents than an unsuitable banking corner. Also, think about space cleaning and repair.

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Invest in a website

To make yourself known and keep your customers informed regularly, invest in a website. You will be able to present all the vehicles for hire, with pictures of the interior to help the potential client to project. Do not omit any details. These motorhomes are usually rented for holidays. People do not want to have to deal with bad surprises. Take a walk with the competitors to propose a site more attractive than theirs. And of course, do not forget to perfect the tab online booking. The renter must have quick access to availability and conditions price, recovery of the vehicle, inventory, advice for driving and maintenance. In a few clicks, the list of vehicles corresponding to the request must appear. Be available, this kind of rental usually requires some small technical explanations the first time.

Set your prices

The prices charged are also an important criterion. You will need to align with your competitors. Rates too high will scare your customers but too low rates can ask the question too. Practice promotions depending on the condition of the vehicle or the date of borrowing. Maybe a motorhome can rent less during the winter than between June and September?

You have answered all your legal questions, your market research. You have found the ideal place. You are now ready to open your motorhome rental agency and share with your future customers the joys of this mode of travel.

Fasten your seatbelt, your motorhome trip starts now. Go on an adventure independently and discover a new destination every day. RV trips provide an immense sense of freedom and every year millions of holidaymakers opt for this holiday mode. The motorhome comes in many variations. On Camp, you can rent different models: van, nasturtium, profiled or integral, there is something for all tastes. Are you leaving for the first time in a camper? We help you prepare for your trip.

Who can drive?

As a general rule, to drive a camper, you must have a B license for 1 to 5 years depending on the rental agencies and have at least 21 to 25 years depending on the rental agencies. This rule is valid for vehicles of less than 3.5 tones and above 3.5 tones, for full luxury motorhomes, for example, a heavyweight permit is required.