Online website design course: a step by step guide

What makes you a great web designer? You need to have an eye for aesthetical elements, you need to understand basic creative techniques, you should be a skilled designer, and you must be proficient with the most modern web technology. If you have all those, you’re destined to be a successful web designer and all you need to learn a few basics to give a strong headstart your career as a web developer. If you’re following our daily web designing tutorial, you’re on the right path – just stay with us a few more sessions, and soon you’ll start designing your own websites. We are web design Seattle, and this online website design course is absolutely free.

online website design

WordPress web design: page creation

Last day, theme colour and typography were the focus of our discussion, and today we will do something else. So, when you’re satisfied with the font size and everything, you can just click save and publish at the top. Then if we click the back pointing arrow, we’ll see there are three other options – menus, blog, and widgets. We’re going to leave these for now, but we will be changing them soon in a while. So, that’s how we are finished in the customize options for now, but we will be coming back later to change the layout and then we’ll also be adding menus and widgets and things like that. Just make sure that you save your changes, and then we can click the X in the top left. That’s going to bring us to our site where we’ll see any changes that we’ve made now, and If you’ve changed anything so far, you’ll see it here. Now we’re going to move on to adding pages to our site – so we just need to head back to our dashboard by clicking our site title at the top. On the left-hand side you want to click “pages,”  and then up at the top, click “add new,” and that’s going to bring us into the main page editor where we can add text and images. This will be our new page, so the first thing we want to do is give our page a title at the top, and the first page. At first, what we are going to be adding is the “about us” page, so I’m going to type “about us.” Then click into the main content area underneath, and here we can just type any text that will appear on our page. There are a few options at the top that we can use to change the text to be bold or italics. We can also add bullet points, and we can also add text headings by using the drop-down menu here. We can further change the text and do larger heading too. If you don’t see the second row of icons, you just need to click the icon on the far right, and that’s going to open up the second menu. There are a few other options as well that are all similar to something like Microsoft Word. We are going to paste some text in here, and then once we’ve types our text and we’re happy with that we can add an image to our page.