Parc clematis by Sing-Haiyi in Singapore

SingHaiYi group was the developer of Parc clematis. The estate is placed in Singapore. Parc clematis is very quality and very protective flats. This company is one of the leading groups in Singapore. Many people dream to get their flat in Parc clematis. The record of the estate is very impressive. People’s review is very positive. Many people like the service. The best benefit of the clematis is there we get the fresh breeze and travel throughout fresh breeze. There is an island is nearby Parc clematis. There we get different lifestyles and different experiences. The online register is also available in parc clematis . The amount of the apartment is very high so many people dream is not fulfilled.


SingHaiYi is a popular company to develop construction. The portfolio of real estate development and management. This group is a multiple award winner. They give many development ideas for construction. People give full support to this apartment. Parc clematis is a fully comfortable place for every age group of people. In that apartment, positivity is spread in every place. There are many facilities is available in Parc clematis. There are multipurpose hall, auditorium, playground, the outdoor gym also available in Parc clematis. Parc clematis also runs shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. so there is no difficulty to get basic needs. Nearby Parc clematis there are many facilities are available. Like football ground, cricket ground, basketball ground, tennis ground, shuttlecock ground, playground, indoor stadium, hospitals, schools, colleges, university, restaurant, food shop, coffee-shops, hawker centers, etc. these all are available in near Parc clematis.

Schools and colleges

Near Parc clematis provide a great education center. Near Parc clematis many schools are available but one of the best institutions is Nan Hua primary school. There are international schools also available. These schools provide the best education for children. Learn by doing method was followed by many schools.  Children learn everything through their experiences. There are great colleges and universities also available. That gives a great education to the student. In school, they provide an extracurricular activity to develop students’ interest. Future Parc clematis family get an excellent education for their children. This construction is 99 years leasehold one of the oldest construction.

parc clematis

In Parc clematis apartment there are every facility was completely provided. Water facility, air facility, electronic facility, transport facility, also easily available in Parc clematis. In this apartment there are yoga classes, meditation centers, walking roads, outdoor gym, indoor games, playground, park, relaxing place also available. Every age group people get comfortable in Park clematis. Parc Clematis is situated in a perfect place and comfortable place. Transport facility is easily available for people. Car parking and bike parking also place very comfortably. Hospitals are also available in Parc clematis apartments. A very comfortable place to live in. Peaceful environment and a comfortable place to live. Parc climatic is not only an apartment constructer. They also provide vocation tour places.  Like hills station there people get a comfortable house. This provides peacefulness to people.  Children and aged people get easy and comfortable life to lead. Many people had a dream to buy an apartment in Parc clematis.