Perfect Gaming Choices That You Can Have Now

Sitting at home at the weekend does not have to be just poisoning. Game website has prepared for you three tips for online games that will entertain you for minutes and hours. And the choice is really first-class for today. Using dota 2 boost you can come up with the solutions regarding the games boosts.

Kingdom Rush

The legend among tower defense games is ready to take you into the world of dangerous monsters, brave knights and magic. The task is clear. With infantry, archers, mages, and artillery, you must protect freshly conquered territories. But it will not be easy. Goblins and orcs are just the beginning of the resistance you encounter. So there is no other choice but to give a little advice at the end. When you are in need, remember the special spells you know. They could save your butt.

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Definitely, Kingdom Rush is one of the most successful tower defense games ever. Great graphics, intuitive maneuverability and a story thought out to the smallest detail, all captivated in the rating of this game 99%. Let enemies feel the power of your army and run Kingdom Rush here.

Earn to Die

Without a proper zombie game today cannot do any tips onlinovky, and not otherwise it will be here. Will you get to the rescue helicopter when it is so damn far and a horde of zombies awaits on the way? It takes a good cart, but you will have to build it yourself in the wide wasteland. Indeed, a few dollars can be knocked out of every zombie crossed over.

A hilarious combination of car improvement and zombie theme gives this game a head start over many other online games, but that’s not all. Excellent graphics, accompanied by unobtrusive music and humorous sounds of overrun zombies, shows sophistication to the smallest detail. That’s why Earn to die has a 97% rating.

You can try running some zombies by running Earn to Die here.

Strike Force Heroes

The complete list of the best online games from the game website is still missing a proper shooter, in our case Strike Force Heroes. You can choose from four types of soldiers – medic, assassin, commando and tank. Each of them under your leadership will gather experience and upgrade your equipment. Together with the entire team will then try to directly destroy enemies and accomplish special task missions.

Again graphics and maneuverability, which cannot be reproached. Even the primitive story of the campaign will not spoil the great atmosphere of the game. Another minus of this game is only addictiveness. Fortunately, after going through the campaign, there are a number of special, really tough challenges ahead. That’s why this game earned a full 95%.

When you are satisfied with the creation, you can (as always) take pictures of the dog and then print. It can serve as a model for a real animal salon. However, if it will suit you and the pet will adjust the photo, I cannot guess.

And just briefly about the time mode of this super game. Here you have to serve as many animals as possible within 4 minutes. They will be served to you and you will have to do all the procedures described above except the final machine. You can try whether you can manage them all or just one. You can also play the game with friends and bet who will do more. I really liked the game and the music is not the worst. However, if the pet sometimes made a sound, it would be even more interesting.