Popular jewelry designs to pair with dresses

Jewelry the trademark of every Indian women and man. The entire world has a love for jewelry. Whatever the occasion may be, be it birthday parties, weddings, functions, receptions and business parties people try to show off to the world what they wear. There are different types of jewelry designs and patterns which can be paired with different varieties of dresses that can be paired with. People might feel that they are ready with the perfect outfit, shoes, and even they will have their hair styled. After wearing the outfit and after watching themselves in the mirror they might feel that something is missing.  The outfit might demand some stylish jewelry pieces. This jewelry will bring perfectness to the outfit. dragon ear cuff may suit for the dresses which are opted for parties and functions.

Jewelry designs to pair with dresses

dragon ear cuff

 People might get doubt with the type of dress to be worn. What type of jewelry will suit the neckline? People may find it hard to choose a perfect neckline for their face and body. Once selecting the perfect neckline, they will try to figure out what type of necklace to be worn. Strapless dresses highlight the neck and the collarbone, and the necklace must not cover it up. The bold necklace may wear with small earrings. It is better not to wear large earrings with a bold necklace. While choosing one piece which will enhance the beauty of the dress the necklace must provide a single focal point.  This will enable to provide a streamlined look for the outfit.

Collars and choker necklace: Collar and choker necklace will best suit for off the shoulder dresses. The outfit enables to show off the shoulders. During such circumstance’s jewelry must not be a distraction. The attention must be focused upwards. So, the collar and choker necklace will be the best choice.

V-neck dresses:  people wearing plunging V-neck dress are trying to create wow factor among their peers. The choker necklace and earrings will add extra beauty to the outfit. However, longer necklace with pendant combinations will be more options for the outfit. A simple layered chain will also be the best option. The layered chain will fill the space left open by the neckline.

Earrings: Earrings are the heart favorite for every woman.  Even a boring dress might get the glow and can feel lively with the earrings. No look is complete without the hanging danglers in the ears. Chandbaalis were on the top of the list in the favorite ones for every woman. It will be the best choice for a western outfit apart from Sarees and Kurtis. People interested in trying the fusion of traditional and western style the basis will be the best option for them.

Anklets:  Anklets, another jewelry which must-have for Indian ladies is. These anklets are being used as a trend for the western outfit. Wearing silver anklets is an old tradition. There is a misconception that anklets are worn only under Indian attire. It is not true, and the girls must leave it behind. The anklets can be worn with western attire also to get the best impression. People want to be trendsetter and stylish can also wear single anklet and can create the trend. The silver anklets apart from increasing the beauty of the feet also act as the style statement and give a compliment to the while appeal.