Reply from Santa to their loved kids

There is some letter from Santa Claus to their loved children during Christmas time. Santa Claus had written a letter for their morning of moon Christmas in the palace of Saint Nicholas. Santa Claus wrote a letter to a little girl her name is an angel. There is some personalised letter from santa to the lovely kids. In the letter, he had written my dear angel how are you and hope you all fine. I received your letters and I read all letters which were sent by you. Some letters are written to you and your sister is awesome. I read you and your little sister are perfect there is no trouble in the letter which was sent by you to me baby. I found there is trouble in the letters of their dictated with your mother and the nurses. There are some English writing in foreigner cant be read. There are things in find of some mistake be own letters in the order of the baby. At midnight to go down in chimney of their letters be ordered in asleep of their delivered letters be kissed in both of you. I could not be the order of two small in not fill be stock in ran out of their baby letters.

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personalised letter from santa

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