Small Fiber Particles Leads you to face Death

Used For Construction Work:

Asbestos is nothing but a fibrous mineral that is a bundle of minerals that are made up of fibers. When you get to breathe these fibers it causes damage to the lungs. It causes different types of diseases related to the lungs itself such as pleural plaques, asbestosis which is nothing but it forms a scar tissue around the lungs so it causes damage to the lungs. This asbestos is used in the floorings to put tiles and also helpful in fixing the roofs and to spray on the ceiling walls. Now it was banned by the maximum of the countries except America. The asbestos removal Melbourne tried to avoid this thing severely. It is not possible now to see the buildings build by asbestos.

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As it is a very risky Government has taken steps to avoid them. If the buildings are build by asbestos when damage takes place it releases our and it affects the health of the people. Though it does not affect immediately but it causes more problems even after a decade. But if you ask whether people are aware of such a thing? The answer is not. Half of the people in the world do not know what is asbestos and wonder if they come to know that the small particles of the fibers also can cause cancer. People who are working as carpenters, painters, construction workers, plumbers, and even electricians are at high risk of asbestos.

People under Danger:

The more risk is to the people who are working in the asbestos mining factories. The people who are working in the shipbuilding process, house building and construction of train what we call as railway engineers are at high risk. If you are living with that person who is under risk then it is sure that you are also getting affected by them. The thing is that you have to prevent yourself by covering your nose with a mask if you are working in such a place as it affects your body. Health is an important thing which we people have to treasure it. Once it gets damaged then there is no other option other than the sufferings.

The organizations of asbestos usages should monitor the workers and should take necessary action if they suffer from lung problems. Though it takes many years to identify it is we people who have to care and should stop using such unwanted things. Replacement to the asbestos people have to suggest some other thing which is not at all effective like asbestos and can work in a clean and safe environment.

Worker’s Rights: 

There are many government schemes and actions taken against the causes happened by asbestos. If the workers are suffered by the working environment then they have the right to report to their higher officials. If it is not taken or considered to be a problem and if it is not rectified then the workers can appeal to the court and the government. This comes under the worker’s rights. The workers should know all these basic things to keep themselves safe and to work happily in their workspace. All humans are human and there is no difference like owners and workers. All human beings have to stay safe and happy by keeping the environment clean.