Team building virtually and corporate of Singapore

To create ease in the working environment between the team members and to promote understanding among them, engaging in fun-filled team building activities can be helpful.

Corporate Team Building Singapore

Hence Corporate Team Building Singapore has become the need of the hour to engage the team members in activities.

  • Singapore is a sovereign island country situated on the southern tip Malay peninsula.
  • The economy of Singapore is known as the most innovative, competitive, and business-friendly.
  • Hence there are many Information technology (IT) companies, healthcare-related companies, banking sector companies, and many more.
  • There are very strict laws enforced in Singapore and hence it is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.
  • To start a business in Singapore, you must register your business in Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • ACRA serves as the national regulator for the business entities in the country.
  • Team building activities for a long time has proved to be effective in bringing the member of the team together despite their differences.
  • Engaging in team activities involves the contribution of the entire team to achieve a common goal.
  • Few of the team building activities are listed below
  1. 1. Paper tower:
  • Divide the team members into groups of equal size.
  • Give the team with enough newspapers with which a tower is to be built.
  • The team with the maximum height of the tower will be declared as the winner.
  • To build a tower with a newspaper, the base should be strong.
  • This denotes that a strong base is important not only in the game but also in work.
  • To make the tower, all the team members should work together in rolling the papers.
  • This denotes that the teamwork is required for achieving a common goal.
  • The rolled sheets should be of decreasing order in diameter to fit it one above the other.
  • Hence proper communication and understanding between the team members are required.
  • The rolled papers should be placed one above the other.
  • Finally, the tower should stand vertically intact without any support.
  • Hence this proves that teamwork is required to finish the assigned task with successful results.
  1. Balloon bursting:
  • For this game, teams are formed with 2 members.
  • One leg of each member is tied together, and balloons are tied to the other leg.
  • The team members should protect their balloons and burst other team member’s balloons.
  • This game can be very fun if played with a competitive spirit.
  1. Dumb charade:
  • The most common and very popular game is a dumb charade.
  • It is played by all the members of the team with one member enacting the situation and other members guessing what the team member is trying to act.
  • This game has no limits in the number of teams and team size.
  • The concept to enact can be anything from songs, famous personalities, movie names, simple words.
  • To make the game competitive, time constraints can be set.

Above are a few games that can be played with the team members as a team-building activity. It is a kind of game for every player, it should be made team players in perfect way.