The 4th Installment of Matrix Now Heating the Studio

After years of rumors, the confirmation of the fourth installment of the Matrix saga, one of the most important in cinema in recent decades, has excited sci-fi fans and aired, as an app hacked on the screen of your phone, several key questions. The visit to happens to be effective now.

When will debut? What will the story be like? Does she still make sense? And perhaps the most important: after all, 20 years after the first, the film will pay? Not everything has an answer.

On the internet, fans are worried and excited. First, because Matrix’s previous sequences have disappointed many people, especially those who were waiting for a great creative expansion of history. Second, in times of franchise resumption, this may be the ideal opportunity for redemption for the Wachowskis sisters.

When will Matrix 4 be released?

Judging by the expected start of production in early 2020 it should not happen before mid-2021.

Will it be a reboot?

No. It will be a continuation. At least two original cast members are guaranteed in the movie: Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity). As the actors are older, it would make no sense to “prequel” when the narrative returns to tell the beginnings of the story.

That is, following the chronological trend, events may take place about 15 or 20 years after those shown in Matrix Revolutions (2003). But questions remain. According to Variety magazine, the production is looking for a younger actor for a new incarnation of the character Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne).

What will the story be like?

All we know right now are theories and nothing more. According to one of them, published on the Reddit website, Matrix Revolutions pointed the way to the fourth movie: In the final moments of the movie, the Matrix would have been refined and reinitiated into a new Fourth Age, the Neo Matrix. That would be the starting point of the new feature.

Keanu Reeves’s character would then come into existence as a hybrid being, a mixture of man and machine, living in a quantum realm. Your mission: Return and save lost souls from your experience. The same would happen with the character Trinity, who must return from death. We just don’t know how. “Many of the ideas we explored 20 years ago are even more relevant now,” Lana Wachowski wrote in a statement.

Is it going to be called Matrix 4?

It has not been confirmed. But the tendency is not to. The second and third films, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, were given a proper name without the numeral.

Why did they decide to make the movie after so many negatives?

The Wachowski sisters have always taken the position of denying any rumor about Matrix 4 before official confirmation, and this partially answers the question. It is also undeniable that the new times bring inspiration to a new story.

Who will be behind the project?

The Warner Bros studio in partnership with the producer Village Roadshow. Lana Wachowski will produce, direct and write the new movie. The script will be collaborated by Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell. This is the first time guest writers have participated in the franchise. Both are renowned English-language novelists, with numerous awards and bestsellers in the curriculum.

Mitchell, by the way, had already inspired the Wachowskis sisters in science fiction The Journey (2012), which starred Tom Hanks and slipped into critics and box office. It is one more chance of redemption.