The Best of E Liquids for Your Choices

Once the decision to quit smoking has been taken, the first step is to choose the quitting method because let’s be clear, once the decision is made, the biggest risk is relapse. But it should not be forgotten that each attempt to quit smoking is close to final cessation and that with appropriate help it is possible. In this regard, specialists, including Doctors, recommend not stopping nicotine intake too quickly. Some even agree that it takes a year before considering not taking any nicotine replacement with e-liquids .

Advice not to relapse

Once the decision is made, the biggest risk is relapse. If the decision is difficult to make, staying the course to quit smoking is even more difficult. Here are some tips for not falling back into smoking, or at least trying not to.

Treatments to stop smoking on the test bench

Expert has put to the test the methods to quit smoking, excluding from the analysis the electronic cigarette, the proof of the interest in smoking cessation in the latter having not been scientifically proven. Here are the best treatments to quit smoking according to the media that have been interested, drugs, nicotine replacement therapy and milder methods like mesotherapy.


People around you are crucial when you quit smoking

A promise of smokers’ culture took an interest while for the first time in a national demonstration encouraged smokers to quit tobacco. The man recounted the genesis of the project. Tobacco is now over and the demonstration seems to have had many repercussions, both in the testimony of individuals and in the press.

The effects of nicotine explained in a video

An expert explains the effects of nicotine. A very interesting video proposed by Arte. The tobacco specialist explains, in particular, the interest of nicotine in quitting smoking. He advises keeping the dose of nicotine for at least a year. Nicotine is a friend of the smoker who is quitting smoking.

Applications to help with smoking cessation

According to the WHO, whose content is relayed by the site, mobile applications would be beneficial in smoking cessation. There are many, many of which are free.

Is the electronic cigarette a smoking cessation tool?

It is difficult to give a precise answer to this question. Some see the tool as a stop aid, others point to the absence of precise long-term studies to validate lower harmfulness of the electronic cigarette compared to tobacco. The media asked itself this question last month. The journalists started from positive and negative studies to provide elements of analysis.

The electronic cigarette a smoking cessation tool

This is the question that has been at the heart of the issues for several years already. At the start of the year, often synonymous with good resolutions and attempts to quit smoking, Sciences became interested in recent studies published on the electronic cigarette.

These details the arguments put forward by the journalists of Sciences and are neither intended to decide on the usefulness of the electronic cigarette in smoking cessation nor on its harmlessness. One of the latest studies to date says that the electronic cigarette is less harmful than tobacco between the studies that lean in favor of the electronic cigarette, and those that point the finger difficult to form a clear and precise opinion. For the British researchers who wrote the study that went around the web, the verdict is final: the electronic cigarette is less dangerous than tobacco.