The etymology and history of tip or gratuity

The tip is known to be the total interest percentage and the process of calculating the tip is nothing but to calculate the whole or the total amount which has to be paid. For the process of calculating the tip, one should enter the total bill amount that is the base bill amount then; the tip percentage has been selected over to calculate the tip amount. Then the total bill amount and then the total tip amount have been preceded for calculating after that you can get the tip amount. By the use of the writing codes, the tip calc has been working with the perfect logic of proper input, proceeding with calculation, and then providing the genuine output. For the bartenders, and then the waiters it is necessary to provide the tip amount in the United States. Between 15 percent and 20 percent of the total bills, it could be considered to be the part of the accepted range of tipping, and then it also is known as gratuity.

Origin of tip:

The word tip has been originated as the slang term according to the view of the Oxford English dictionary which does not have any of the clear etymology over history. The tip has been mean as the providing of a small amount of money according to the online etymology dictionary that has been beginning around the year 1600. And in the year 1706, the word tip has been mean to give a gratuity to be known to be the first attested thing about the word tip. From the year 1755, the word tip can be considered as in the sense of the noun. In the part of the 18th-century movement, the term tips have been meant in the sense of giving gratuity that is in the phrase, ‘to give a gratuity’ which has been appeared for the first time. In the earlier sense of tip, the word has been mean to provide the amount to the proper effort which has been made by the worker.

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Process of tipping:

In Tudor England, the process of tipping has been started or began. In the 17th century movement, the process of tipping has been expected as the overnight guests towards the private home which would be provided with some amount of money that has been known to Vail, which helps to host the servants of the company. Soon in the London coffee houses and also with the other commercial establishments, the customers have been started the tipping process. In the etymology, the synonymous word for the tipping is known to be the gratuity which has been dated back in the 1520s, that has been derived from the terms like, graciousness which has been taken into account from French Gratuite in the 14th-century movement.  Or else the word tipping can be derived from the Medieval Latin word Gratuitas which means to be ‘gift’. And in the year the 1530s, the word tipping has been attested for the first time as means of the money has been given for the favor and it has been free for the services. Then the earlier Latin terms have been considered to be the Gratuitous which means as free that is freely given.