The Greatest Options for the best Movie Viewing Experience Now

To truly appreciate the power of Hollywood over reality, you should visit his homeland. In any case, we first realized how enormous the myth-creating potential of cinema was only when we got to Hollywood studios with other pilgrims. Los Angeles itself, like a jellyfish in the sand, lacks a clear outline. In this piece of deserts, mountains and beaches, densely or even sparsely built up with houses, there is no center and outskirts, there is no historical memory, there is no sensation of an old-worldly clear urbanistic integrity neither the city wall nor the city line. The visit to will offer you the chance of enjoying the best movies.

The Best Organism

In the progenitor organism of Los Angeles, only the heart is distinguishable Hollywood. Penetrating all local life with energy currents, he gives it the solemn, albeit fussy, character of the temple city. He probably also felt Greek in Delphi. The emanation of cinema even descends on tourists who begin to think in cinematic images they insert each landscape into the viewfinder, look for a character in every person they meet, in every incident.

  • Throughout history, man has not yet encountered art in such a concentrated form as in Hollywood. There has never been so much art, and it has never been so powerful. It is clear to everyone that today the most important of all arts has become Hollywood cinema.
  • Such monopoly power over the market cannot but annoy. However, in the very totality of American film production, a secret is laid that allows you to bypass the Hollywood juggernaut, giving way to it.
  • American cinema has taken on the whole task of entertaining the world. Well, let him do this. Anyway, no one can handle this better. Moreover, the technical level of Hollywood films in recent years has risen to a new and, it seems, unattainable step for competitors.
  • No one can keep up with Hollywood on this path and don’t! Leaving Caesar Caesar’s, another movie can do what Hollywood cannot do or does not want to. This is exactly what is happening today in world cinema, which is looking for unexplored ways.

Famous prose writer Salman Rushdie, a British Indian, recently published an article on the subject in the New York Times. In it, he writes with his usual drama:


In the 60s, a tremendous stream of non-American films managed to unclench the fingers of Hollywood, squeezing the throat of cinema. The result was the golden age of cinema, which brought the great paintings of Kurosawa, films of the New French Wave, the masterpieces of Fellini and Bergman. Now the flowering of the world non-American cinema has begun again. In distant countries, such as Iran or China, paintings appear that gives viewers the opportunity to diversify their cultural diet.

Speaking about this phenomenon, we would dare to formulate one regularity: exotic films are most successful today. But this is a special exotic, which is not concluded in the subject, not in the plot and not in the material, but in the aesthetics of the picture.


This situation seems to be extremely important because the ethnographic interest itself is precisely the Hollywood plot. When hunting for new material, Hollywood is always ready to explore new territory, as it was, say, with Australia in the harmless and stupid Dundee Crocodile. However, no matter how bizarre the material such a movie may work, it is still shot in Hollywood.