The Smartest Choices for the Electric Saw Now

For intensive slaughter, you need heavy. Obviously no electric model will be suitable. Your choice will necessarily be made on a thermal chainsaw. Depending on the type of feeling that you have to do, choose a suitable guide: from 45 to 55 cm for trees of small and medium sections, and greater than 55 cm for large trunks. Ditto for the engine, you will need power 40 cm 3 is a minimum. The slaughter chainsaws are available on the market offer motorizations that match the length of the guide. With electric saw for cutting branches this is important now.

When you turn to this type of chainsaw, it is because you know what you are doing and that you are a seasoned user or a professional. And that does not exempt from taking the minimum risk both on cutting and on falling trees. Equip yourself accordingly.

How a chainsaw works

Whatever the chainsaw, the operating principle is identical. The electric or thermal motor drives a chain fitted with teeth around support called guide or chain guide. The longer the guide, the more powerful the chainsaw is. The more the teeth are biting, the more it cuts but the greater the risks backlash jumps off the chainsaw.

Recent chainsaws are generally equipped with different safety device’s obligation to hold the tool in both hands, chain brake, anti-kickback, etc. but the use of a chainsaw still requires great vigilance and the equipment adequate.

The main types of chainsaws

Each type of chainsaw corresponds to specific use and working context.

The pole pruner: a chainsaw for pruning at height

It is very practical to reach the high branches without having to climb in the tree or on a ladder with the chainsaw. Electric or thermal, the motor is located near the control handles, while the chain and the guide are located at the end of a pole.

There are rigid and other telescopic poles. Generally, the cutting head is adjustable. Its power varies from 600 to 1,500 W. Not to be confused with the pole pruner where the whole chain saw is at the end of a pole, which makes it much heavier to handle.

electric saw for cutting branches

The chainsaw pruner: limbing

The electric or thermal pruner is light, handy, and with a cutting capacity of less than 35 cm. Specific to the cut and the size of branches, it can be manipulated with one hand which makes it very practical but also dangerous for neophytes. Its power is most often between 1,200 and 1,800 W.

The standard chainsaw: cutting and everyday use

The master key chainsaw guides <45 cm: intended for everyday use. Electric or thermal, it is perfect for cutting wood, cutting branches and cutting down trees of small sections. It is handled with two hands and still requires certain vigilance, especially for the most powerful models (> 2500 W).

The felling chainsaw: logging activities

The felling chainsaw, guide> 45 cm: oriented towards a professional clientele, is more intended for intensive work, in particular felling. Quite heavy to handle, equipped with a high power thermal engine (from 2500 to 6500 W), it requires some experience to be used safely. Its cutting length varies from 45 to more than 80 cm. Due to its size and weight, it is not a chainsaw that is used for pruning.