Tips or Energy Saving Worldwide

The objective of this day is to raise public awareness about the rational and sustainable use of energy, act and reduce the problems that energy use improperly uses, such as climate change. These problems can be solved if the energy management is done properly. Here you will get a compilation of the most important tips to save energy and thus be able to put them into practice. You can Click Here for the best usage here. The details are perfect here and that is the reason that you can have the best deal. You need to have a proper idea of the proper energy options.

You are not using it

The highest percentage of energy expenditure occurs in homes, both for cooking, for heating and transporting us. To prevent environmental problems from getting worse, we can reduce and use the energy needed to avoid wasting waste, in short, take care of this resource from our home. This can be solved with a compilation of common tips for our daily life.

Use the Bicycle Instead Of the Car

Try to use the bicycle more to move, when it is not required to use the car, since the car emits greenhouse gases (CO 2, CO and acetylene). Raise awareness among the town hall of each population to encourage the use of bicycles and build bike lanes.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulb

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These bulbs are more expensive, but they spend less energy. You have to use these light bulbs because the energy consumed in lighting is approximately between 12 and 26% of the total cost of the house. With these bulbs you save up to 80% of electricity during the entire operating time and last 8 times longer.

Turn Off the Light When You Leave A Room and Are Not In It

This should always be applied when you are not in the room where you have left the light on or when there is enough natural light. If heating is available, adjust the thermostat with a temperature between 20º and 22º. With this temperature it is enough to feel comfort. For each degree of more, the heating consumption increases between 6 and 8%.

Showering Instead Of Bathing and Not Letting the Faucets Drip

Due to this there is a saving of up to 75% of energy and water consumption. This function allows you to turn it off with the remote control, since it not only causes wear and tear on the equipment but also consumes energy unnecessarily. Turn it on only when it is going to be used. It has been verified that 40% of the time the TV is on is not being watched.

Wash the Cutlery with Dishwasher

Hand washing with hot water consumes 40% more energy.

Start the Washer with Moderate Temperature Programs

This is because 90% of the energy is to heat the water. A wash at 30ºC instead of 60ºC reduces energy expenditure in half.

Use Low Consumption Appliances

If you buy a new appliance or want to reform your kitchen, you must choose an efficient and ecological model of class A +++, which allow you to save more than 45% of energy compared to those of class D.