Travel virtually and Also Explore Various Things

Online Virtual Amazing Race has reached every people for traveling to distant countries. This helps people to travel and visit some secret lands virtually. There is no need to skip from a team for joining the online virtual community. One can take part in virtual travel according to one’s own comfort without any rules. This virtual travel needs no proper destination, one can take part in their own living space itself. This virtual meeting is the easiest way to explore some distant lands and learn about different cultures. Online Amazing Race Singapore has made this travel possible and helps many people to enjoy virtual travel.

Online Amazing Race Singapore

Many people will be gathered on a virtual journey and the participants will be separated as teams during their travel. The making teams will collect all the mail addresses from all the participants and schedule the event properly. The participants will receive an email invitation which rightly before a week from the scheduled date. This mail will have certain guidelines that have to be followed by the members during the travel. The mail will also have the direct link for joining the virtual meeting on the scheduled date.

The participants of the meeting cannot exceed 50 and the minimum members should be 5. The virtual meeting will be held through some programs such as zoom meetings and Google Earth. These programs must be downloaded by the members earlier themselves before the scheduled time. The participants should also check for the proper installations of the downloaded programs. The travel will be to different cities of various countries and a host will accompany the members through the meeting itself.

The virtual meeting will have all the participants and also a host. The host will lead all the teams and give instructions to the participants. There will be certain challenges given to the team members during the travel. The challenges will be very interesting and the teams should act very fast in solving the challenges. The team which completes the challenge first within the allotted time will be declared as the winner. The team members will be given many cryptic clues for finding out the next location which they are going to visit. One should be always keen on solving puzzles and also enjoy travel at the same time. The team should be interested to learn many things during their travel.

A Unique Travel:

The team members will be given all the instructions through the mail itself and the host will lead the team together during the travel. The travel experience will be entirely different from the other normal travel. This travel will give more chances of learning other cultural activities and languages through the local artisans of the traveling areas. The artisans will join the meeting through the same program either the zoom meeting or the Google earth. This will make the team members have a unique experience of travel. This requires devices such as a laptop or desktop for a better virtual experience. This can be also done using a laptop or mobile phone but the clarity will be lacking.