Trust Choices for the Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Romantic music, subdued lighting, one knee down, that’s it, the big moment, is finally arrived: your lover decided to make his request for your greatest happiness. The problem with men is that they love you like crazy they are sometimes beside the plate when it comes to making gifts.

So, for the most important present of your life, no questions of letting him do anything. Whether you are more modern, bling-bling, minimalist, or retro, you need an engagement ring to your image. After all, you’ll keep it on your finger all your life. To help you define your desires and give a little boost to your Jules, here are the best tips to choose your engagement ring just like Eco-Friendly Jewelry .

Defining Your Budget

This is the basis because cuddly, we know he loves us but we do not necessarily want to ruin it. So before starting the research, you first have to define your budget. It is he who will then define the choice of metal platinum, gold, silver, and the choice of stones diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones that will compose the ring. The money associated with zirconium for smaller budgets to the platinum or diamond association for larger, there are many possibilities.

Know What We Like

Eco-Friendly Jewelry

To steer his darling in the best direction and not end up with a ring that has absolutely nothing to do with our style, we try to make him pass small subliminal messages. A history that he knows if one is more attracted by the modern or vintage jewels and if one is more in the discretion or the flashy-eyed. The ultimate test of whether he really knows us.

Learn To Speak the Diamond

The diamond, you know that it is beautiful and that it is the best friend of the woman, but beyond that, you are quickly in the blur. And for a good reason, between karats, purity, color, and size, there is something to lose.

Namely: the weight of the diamond is expressed in carats (CTS), and the color and purity are given in letters. The color is denoted from D, for the most colorless, to Z. The more the diamond is colorless, the higher the price will be. And on the purity side, you speak of inclusions. The less, the more the diamond is pure and expensive.

For Small Budgets, Think About Alternatives

If love were money, you would be rich. Because that, yes, Darling loves you, you adore, you adule. But now, darling does not have an extended wallet, and you do not really want to go into debt over 30 years to pay you a ring.

Do not panic. There is a way to have a beautiful ring, even with a lower budget. For this, we focus on alternatives: we can, for example, choose a cultured pearl instead of a diamond, or opt for a precious stone surrounded by a halo, a set of small diamonds of low carat that will return to cheaper than a loner.