Understanding different types of care homes

If you have a senior member in the family, you will only want to give them the best. There are so many care homes suiting different needs. Further, before going to the Care Home Hemel Hempstead , check out the different ones available near you. Many people have long-term illnesses. Even they can enjoy quality life even at the confines of home. There are short and long type care homes offering various standards of living to older adults. If you are looking for an excellent care home, there are different types.

Types of care homes available

1. Sheltered housing

  • Independent housing

There is an independent house with a trained on-call nurse available 24 hours with this type of housing. The elders can continue with their cleaning and cooking, but for support, there is someone always.

  • Shared home accommodation

There is a choice of renting a property to be made into care homes. Likewise, there will be a service charge that the wardens pay up. It includes the maintenance and keeping of the communal areas. The rent can be private or even via the council of the region. Buying any property on-site can be from a private developer.

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2. Assisted living

The assisted living helps the elders to live independently while providing the care they need. Further, It is like a self-contained property with social activities and warden support. They have a list of stuff to be taken care of by the staff. Whether it’s getting the clothes done or doing the dishes, there is always help available to the people.

Other types available

  • Retirement houses

Generally, people above 55 years of age move to retirement care homes. It provides the community feel with various services like swimming pools, pubs, health clubs, etc.

  • Residential care homes

New care homes come with en suite bedrooms. Also, they have wheelchair provisions with cafes, gyms, bars, etc., depending on the location. All the residents have their own plans, and carers are put to look after them 24/7. Records are kept of everyone needing medical assistance.

The owners pay weekly costs of bearing the care homes. It’s entirely funded by the resident owner or potentially by the authority.

  • Nursing home care

The nursing care homes come with all the facilities like home cares and registered nurses working in them. Many homes have dedicated nursing homes. If someone’s health decreases beyond improvement, they are shifted to the nursing homes. Fees are paid weekly here also depending on the home types.

  • Dementia Care

About 25,000 care homes have some dementia floors in them. People having dementia can live on these floors. If anyone of your loved ones has dementia, they can be shifted here and given full treatments. The fees are paid weekly here by the warden, and all kinds of facilities are available to the people.

  • Respite Care

The respite care is given for short-time people to your loved ones. Besides, everyone has their personalized rooms with separate care plans. Friends and families can come to visit their loved ones. The patients are treated as residents and looked after well by the staff.


Choose the proper care homes for your elders. Give them an atmosphere of love and relaxation.