Wedding Photography Deals for Your Choices

Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer what his status is. Is the amateur or professional? Whether or not it is his main activity? Is the wedding photo his specialty? How much marriage has he covered? The professional is therefore declared and will have a SIRET number that will protect you from the hidden work, professional equipment, an experience that will allow you to anticipate key moments, another case in case of breakdown, a creative look but that we get on well, a SIRET number does not guarantee quality. You can go to the Photographe mariage Pas de Calais there.

What is the price of a wedding photographer?

The question of the price of a wedding photographer is particularly important for choosing a wedding photographer as for a little ready everything on Earth, one can find photographers at 200 $ per day and photographers at 5000$. You can imagine that these two categories of photographers do not offer the same service. It will certainly be very difficult for you to compare the prices of one photographer with another because they will not all offer you the same thing, and even when you have the impression that they offer you the same thing it will probably not be the case.

What will differentiate them: Their equipment, their experience, their talent, their status and the charges that go with it amateur or professional? All this necessarily comes into play.

You should know that the newlyweds devote around 10% to 12% of their wedding budget to their photographer. This may give you an idea. Then the prices are not necessarily the same whether one is in Paris. The prices generally start between 800 e the day from the preparations at the end of the cocktail to 2000 e the day.

What are your different offers? What do they understand?

Ask your photographer what their offer covers. Some photographers work in detail, offering just the ceremonies or ceremonies at the end of the cocktail or even preparations at the end of the cocktail. Ask how many photos you will have?

Do you offer albums? How much does it cost?

The album is the object that will create a link between your generation and future generations. The album will be the object which you will still enjoy browsing in 10, 20, 30 years. If you are not convinced I invite you to read the article: Why have your wedding album made by your photographer?

Here again, the offers vary. Some photographers only offer digital delivery of photos and therefore no album, some offer it as an option and others offer it directly in their package. When the cost will vary depending on the size of the album, the number of pages, and the quality of the album? Do not hesitate to ask if it is you who will choose or the photographer the photos present in the album?

Shall we meet again before D-Day?

This varies depending on the photographers. But you should admit that for your part, this is important. Review the planning of the day together, discuss with you the progress of the preparations, and get to know each other better.

What information do you need for D-Day?

Photographe mariage Pas de Calais

A good wedding photographer is a photographer who listens to her newlyweds. He will necessarily need to know where the various events of the day take place. The number of guests but it will also find out what is important to you and take it into account.