What kind of Metal Signs will be Proper For You

Advertising signs are more traditional means of external communication, which still prove to be one of the most effective and valuable forms of advertising that companies have available. The billboards, in fact, guarantee high visibility in the area and are extremely strong media to catch the attention of passersby. The use of metal signs come useful there.

metal signs

The Important Factor

One of the important factors for creating an effective advertising billboard is the type of message that is intended to be conveyed, which must be coincident, persuasive without informing excessively.

The purpose of the outdoor billboards is to do branding and therefore to make your brand known and make it more familiar to the customer. At the same time, brand awareness, or brand image, is also created and strengthened.

  • Another important aspect is certainly to choose a strategic position for the road sign so that your advertising is seen by as many people as possible.
  • Research on the visibility of billboards shows extraordinary data for which a person observes a poster for an average of at least 4 seconds. It is a very important fact if you think about the speed with which we read and move during our busy days.

Print personalized advertising signs

Posters are ideal for use in both permanent and temporary advertising campaigns.

To print your billboard you can choose different formats:

  • Single-sided advertising poster 60 × 90 cm
  • Single-sided advertising billboard 150 × 200 cm
  • Single-sided advertising billboard 200 × 250 cm
  • 3 × 2 m single-sided advertising billboard
  • Single-sided advertising poster 6 × 3 m

The materials used for large format printing are very resistant over time and do not suffer from exposure to atmospheric agents.

The external billboards are printed on plasticized polymeric PVC adhesive and are inserted on a boxed panel in painted galvanized steel, on an aluminum panel and frame or on a polionda panel with a wooden frame. Everything includes fixing kits.

The largest billboards are printed on polymeric adhesive vinyl, with anti-UV polymer lamination which guarantees duration of 7/10 years.

Internal company signage falls within the broader scope of so-called workplace safety signs, which consists of attracting the attention of the worker in the event of situations or objects that can cause risks and dangers.

But not only

The other main function of internal company signage is to allow a company to make its offices visible and easily traceable by users.

Internal office signage: why it matters

Often, especially in larger business realities, a missing or in any case, incorrect internal signage causes strong disorientation in those looking for a specific office or a specific service.

Therefore the internal company signage allows you to:

  • easily find offices and work staff, avoiding unnecessary and unnerving waste of time;
  • make the organization chart and structure of the company visible to anyone who needs it.

Internal signage for offices: what it consists of

In general, internal company signs consist of a series of signs or plates that indicate a specific risk or danger or provide indications.

Among the most frequent elements are:

  • the plates that indicate, at the entrance of each office, the name and surname of the employee who works inside it;
  • maps of the company and individual offices;
  • floor signage;
  • prohibition signs;
  • warning signs;
  • prescription signs;
  • the rescue and rescue signs.