What You can Really Learn at the clay workshop Singapore

You can easily try modelling pasta baking. The pieces can be baked in the home oven at a temperature of 130ºC for about 15-20 minutes, however, it is convenient to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that you will find on the tablets. It is best to cook it in a glass tray and a paper between the glass tray and the piece, as the metal heats up more and can damage the base of the piece. In the case of pastes that do not need air drying, simply leave the figure in a well-ventilated place and wait at least 24 hours. Look for your best options in the clay workshop singapore .

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Protect polymer clay figures

Once removed from the oven, we let the pieces cool down and we can use varnishes to give a glossy finish and for small lines or dots, we can use a permanent marker. The dough that we have leftover can be kept in transparent film, the one we use in the kitchen.

How to glue pieces of modelling paste?

Generic glues can be used in some cases, but there are specific glues for modelling pastes on the market. You will simply have to apply a small amount that we can spread with a brush. When these glues dry, they remain transparent.

Clay is a super easy material to work with which you can make countless objects to decorate your home or practical things that help you on a daily basis. If you want to discover a few, here are some master tips.

Helmet Accessory

The crafts with clay go far and if you look at the first idea that we propose. Create an accessory like this to be able to store your mobile headphones without getting tangled. It is a great idea and very simple to do. Get some white clay, mould it and make the shape you like the most, without forgetting to make those two small indentations. Let it dry and decorate it to your liking.

Incense Burner

Place your incense sticks in an aloe vera made of clay-like this one in the example. Knead and flatten the clay and then cut into the shape of a flower with the pointed petals. Repeat the process with a smaller flower that contains fewer petals and once again with a much smaller one. Place one on top of the other from largest to smallest size and shape the petals upward. Then in the center make a small hole. Let it dry and decorate it to your liking

Necklaces Made With Clay

One of the things you like the most about this material is its versatility. Not only can you make decorative or practical things, but you can also make your own jewellery.

Decorative Bowls

To get started in the world of clay crafts this is a fantastic option. Create some decorative bowls to put whatever you want. Knead the clay and create the shape with your hands. Then let it dry and decorate as you like. These designs are so cute. You can make several small bowls and decorate them with the same theme. What do you think?

Crafts with Clay: Magnets

Decorate the fridge with one original magnet. In this case, they have chosen eyes and have made several pieces of clay with oval shapes and have decorated them with different types of eyes, in blue. Apply a little varnish when they are well dry to protect them and then place a magnet on the back, ready.