Why there are millions of different species? How the habitats differ from each other?

Before getting into the concept we should know that the human population is lesser than pests and insects. Think or else create an unbelievable situation when if every insect breeds get together and raised war against human beings then there will not be any doubt that humans will lose the war. This is how the population can be explained. Some researchers have been proven that there are nearly ten quintillions of an individual insect breed on earth. And quintillion is not smaller in number which holds nineteen zeros behind it. From the vast population still, people are killing the insects using pesticides or some other pest control habitats.

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It is really harder than to calculate the accurate report of species that are living in the world. Anyhow some are saying that might be nearly sixty thousand species on the earth. Here the sixty thousand species mean by each will have separate habitat and behavior from the other. Human beings are the same but they have different cultures, habits, foods, ways of growing, and surroundings. Like the same, species to have some changes among each for example in food habitats, life span, and inbreeding.

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How much heat could a pest bear than humans?

Flat bark species is also one of the types of pests and beetles type it can be able to survive even less than forty degrees Fahrenheit. And then desert ants which can be able to bear the heat up to 155 degrees, while matching all these abilities between the pests and humans, tiny insects stronger than humans. One of the epic ones is the bumblebees, most of the bumblebees will not be more than the size of a nail but they can fly as high as eighteen thousand feet from sea level. We all know the eagle is the only bird to fly at a large distance from sea level but species like bumblebees would also be able to fly by tearing the heavy wind flow.

Human’s mistake is that they are guessing that insects are smaller in size and this would be a great disadvantage for it. But according to the pest’s behavior and its habitats, it is more advantageous to be smaller in size. If these types of pests grow larger in body size then it would be harder to search for food. Neither smaller nor larger insects occupy hundreds of different niches across ecosystems. Just take a plant and have a look at it by starting from the root and ending at the leaf end there are different species to have it. For example, some insects like earthworms survive just by eating the roots.

Are there any pests in this world?

Yes, of course, there are some of the poisonous insects or pest around the world this type insect takes it food by paralyzing the victims. This paralyzation happens to lay its eggs inside the other species. When it comes under pest control they will not fear these poisonous insects just by having their working suit they will get out the pests from your house.