Without camera, there is nothing

Photography is an art that comes from the heart, not from the mind. Its a way of creating an image by recording light or by the image sensor or using a light-sensitive material like photographic film. It works in various fields such as business, science, and manufacturing as it uses directly for film, art, video production, hobby, recreational purposes, and mass communication. Moreover lens major job is to focus light reflected or emitted from objects into any real image on the sensitive surface inside the camera during exposure. The electrical charge was produced in each pixel with the help of an electronic image sensor, that is stored in a digital file for processing or display and is electronically processed. The photographic emulsion result leads to an invisible latent image, that is chemically developed into a visible image in the later period. Positive or negative depends on the method of processing and photographic material. Print is used to convert a negative image that is traditionally used to a positive image on a paper base. Another method is contact printing or enlarger method. Different techniques and media are used in this process to capture the images of the professional photographer . It contains dual photography, infrared media, full-spectrum, camera, ultraviolet, light field photography, and some other imaging techniques.


professional photographer

A camera is a capture medium that is like an image forming device and also a photographic film, photographic plate, or silicon electronic image sensor. This medium may be film or plate or electronic memory or digital magnetic. The camera and lens are controlled by photographers and they expose the light to the required amount of light that is to form raw files or latent images. In modern days, the digital camera comes to the market that reaches all over the person in the world. This camera is used as an electronic image sensor relied on light-sensitive electronics like complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology or charge-coupled device. This leads digital images is to stored electronically at the same time they can be reproduced on paper. A camera is just a chamber form or dark room that is far as possible, every light will be eliminated except the light that forms an image or picture. This method is discovered and used in the older periods by painters. The camera can be in any range from small to big, the entire room will be kept dark while the specific object to photograph is placed in another room where it is illuminated. This process is common for reproduction photography of flat copy when they use large film negatives. A movie camera is a separate kind of camera that takes a sequence of photos on medium. On the other side, still, the camera is used to capture a single shot at a time, movie camera takes a series of shots that each shot is called a frame. It is proceeding with the intermittent mechanism. Later these frames are played in a movie projector at a certain speed that is called the frame rate. The person’s eye and brain will merge the separate picture to create an illusion of motion while viewing the images. This makes sense to all images that are separated from one another. Every frame says some unique things at the time of motion.