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Coworking has been defined as a collaborative way of working and has become a very common option nowadays. This is why today, freelance workers in different sectors can find themselves in the same place to work in the same conditions as those of an office. But this new method of work exists in many forms. Here’s everything you need to know about coworking. The use of the bureaux partagés saint omer comes proper in this matter now.

Coworking , at first glance, suggests a collaboration between several workers

Coworking is a concept that brings together a number of freelancers in a special place for this purpose. When several people work together on a project that is not part of a business, we also talk about coworking.

  • The principle is as follows: a platform sets up a workplace that meets all the conditions of a corporate office, namely workstations, meeting rooms, a cafeteria or even daycare centers for the most practical. She then places the rent for workers who usually work in their homes. Depending on the contract, the workstation may be payable daily or monthly.
  • It is also advisable to test a workspace before committing to find out whether or not you will be comfortable and if all the conditions are met to work in peace.

These are places set up by associations, businesses or the municipality of the city for the purpose of luring teleworkers. This type of premises reaches at least 150 in major French cities because Paris, alone, has about thirty.

What are the advantages of Coworking?

Coworking has several advantages:

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Having a room and equipment at your fingertips: working at home is not always as comfortable as working in an office. The coworking offers you the opportunity to have an office, a meeting room, a small morning coffee and many other things to be in good working conditions.

Protect your private life: indeed work at home does not separate the personal space of the professional. But when you have a workplace or go, your privacy is protected.

Open to the outside world: a dedicated workspace is conducive to new discoveries and makes you feel less alone. Thus several web workers such as graphic designers, developers or editors are found and it is an environment conducive to various exchanges, new encounters, friendliness etc.

Exchange between the workers of various fields on the functioning of their job which can lead to new collaborations.

The concept of coworking in companies

Indeed, in addition to dedicated spaces, coworking is also practiced in companies. The principle is as follows: a company sets up a workspace offering options similar to those of a coworking space. With computer equipment, large tables, a coffee machine and everything needed to allow workers to be in optimal conditions. The company also opens its doors to outside workers with the possibility to go there every day.

A practical concept insofar as it is conducive to meetings and collaborations between internal and external, rapid training, competitions organized internally, conferences etc … but, it is not without inconvenience compared to dedicated spaces. In corporate coworking, the worker is obliged to comply with opening and closing hours, to comply with company regulations and standards, to have the approval of the company’s managers before doing so. to come an outside speaker and many other brakes. The freedom enjoyed by the worker in a real dedicated space is not the same as that which she enjoys in a coworking space of a company.