Easiest Options for the Best Desktop Remote Accesses Now

Often there are situations when there is a need to gain access to a remote computer to its desktop. Most often this happens when you need to help someone from relatives or friends in the development of all kinds of computer wisdom. For example, the mother calls you and says: Listen, why is there some kind of scary message on my computer that I can’t read? They ask me to press a button should I press it? In this case, of course, it’s best for you to see with your own eyes what exactly is being asked and which buttons are offered to choose from, and you never know what. Besides, remote access can be very useful when you need to install on a computer that is far away or set up some software. Yes, and sometimes you need access to your computer from a distance there are all sorts of cases. With the REMOTE DESKTOP RDP PORT you can have the best deals now.

How and with what help is this all done?

In the Windows operating system, remote access can be done using the system itself. Open Control Panel, System and then Remote Access. There you need to enable the option to enable remote assistance and remote desktop connections.

Remote Access Settings in Windows 7


If Windows 7 is installed on both your computer and your remote computer, then select the third option among the remote desktop options to connect to the remote desktop with network-level authentication. If you plan to connect to Windows XP, then you need to choose the second option.

Windows 7 supports two different modes:

  • Remote Assistance Connection
  • Remote control of a desktop.

Remote Assistance works in all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 7. At the same time, you will see your subscriber’s desktop and will be able to chat with him, you never know, maybe you don’t have the opportunity to talk to him at the same time on the phone, he also can give you access to control your computer: you will be able to use your mouse and keyboard to perform various actions on his computer.

Remote control of the desktop is supported only in Windows 7 and besides the versions of Initial, Home Basic or Home Advanced. With a remote control, your subscriber will see a lock screen, and you can log into his computer as a specific user and work as if you were sitting at that computer.

Remote Assistance Connection

On both computers, run the Windows Remote Assistance program. On the called computer, click “Invite someone you trust to assist.” There may be three options: save the invitation as a file, send the invitation by e-mail, use Easy Connect.

Type of invitation

The first option a special invitation file is created, after which it must be somehow transferred to the subscriber for example, via a messenger. The second option is almost the same, only this file is sent to the subscriber via e-mail. The third option, which may not be available, is to send an invitation through the special Easy Connect service. After you select any of the options, a password will appear on the screen, which your subscriber will have to enter to access your computer.