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There is no point organizing and planning your event in the best way possible if the target audience does not know of your existence. Knowing how to promote events in the best way is a very important point for the quality of an event. From the custom cornhole board this is the best option now.

It is important to note that unlike large companies and brands, scientific events do not call their audiences through mass media advertising.

Advertising is always very targeted to a specific audience so you need to have a well-defined strategy for getting your message to the right people.

The dissemination of events requires a lot of attention

Publicizing events through social media can be a very interesting strategy. On LinkedIn, it is common to have professional groups that discuss specific subjects from different areas. Using these groups is a good way to reach your target audience. Plus, well-selected mailing lists are a great way to reach your audience.

However, some problems are very common among organizers when it comes to publicizing events. The producer must be aware of some points to be done in the best possible way. Therefore, we brought this post with tips for the good disclosure of an event.

Be aware of spelling errors

First, don’t fall into language addictions and watch out for grammatical errors! These simple mistakes can lead the public to question the seriousness of the event. It is very important to make a very careful review of all material to be aired, both in the virtual and physical environment.

Think about printed materials in advance

A large part of the organizers leave to solve the materials that will be delivered at the last minute, which causes numerous headaches.

Materials such as brochures, badges, promotional t-shirts, stickers and bags should be thought out and prepared well in advance.

  • It is a platform that offers free poster templates that you can edit and use for your event.
  • The process of synthesizing layouts and prints depends not only on the organizing committee, but also on other service providers such as printers and designers.
  • Once you have the layouts in hand, the next step is to quote which suppliers will produce the printouts, which may take about 5 business days.
  • Once you have all the budgets, just choose the most advantageous and get in touch. Suppliers take at least 10 business days to deliver finished materials.

Once produced, the material should be sent to the public. It will take up to 15 business days to be in the hands of the target audience.

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That’s why planning materials in advance is so important

If you are going to hold an event, you must have everything ready at least a few months before it starts.

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It is very common for organizers to send emails or make some material where some information is missing. For example, the email contains the address of the place but not the city or state.


Just as they forget about the location, forgetting the contact phone area code is very common. Thus, participants end up having difficulty getting in touch.


Amazingly, the absence of the time when the event will start is another very common mistake.