Fishing is a way of relaxing from all your deeper pains

Fishing gears are used for fishing, without these fishing gear s, fishing is quite difficult, seines are the lengthy nets, with interlocks which stops the fish form filtering the nets, the shape of these seines are semi-circle, by using long sweeps it is pulled over a flat bottom. Through this method, the fish is drove into the net and dragged onto the board or beach. These seines are one of the most used fishing gear in fishing.

When the cyclical pelagic species feed near the coast, these beach seines can catch these species. These seines are rapidly set from the ship, the one end of the seines remains on the coast, while the other end of the net will be fixed in a bent path and taken back to the coast.

However the large and lengthy seines are more costly and the use of these seines is limited to large springs of smooth, shallow bottoms that have fairly slight surf. This net is capable of catching juveniles of big-sized fishes and is species-unselective. And the small-sized nets are used to catch small fishes and live bait. These inclined to have a uniform small net. For increasing the mechanization and motorization these coast seines are used. To make the carrying process of the caught fishes much easier tractors, coast-anchored winches, even large animals are used.

Boat seine is a seine that is functioned from the boat. These boat seines have the capability of bringing small fisheries too and is also can bring formerly unexploited possessions. Though the introduction of storage of nets, net and rope haulers, and motorboats which increase the fishing involves large investments and also the area covered and an upsurge in running prices. In south-west India Rampani is networked.


fishing gear

This type of net is a tapering bag nets with double wings and cod-end where the fish-holding is focussed and performed by pulling from single or double boats. The length of the footrope, the quantity of the interlocks around the trawling circle define the size and shape of a trawl. The net sizes are normally at their biggest in the entrance of the hunt and progressively reduce near the cod-end. The nets are categorized into pelagic trawl, bottom trawl, or midwater trawl based on its working position.

Midwater fishing:

It is a trawling technique which is useful for pelagic trawling. These are the tapering bags with a big open mouth made of bright mesh yarns and big mashes. Based on the edifice of the trawls, there are many groups like,

Four-layer trawl in this the higher and lesser are indistinguishable and the other double identical sides are narrow. Four-layer trawl in this the four panels used for dual trawling, there are also double layer pelagic trawls. Trawls are used for fishing for a long time.

Lowest trawling:

It is also known as bottom trawling, it means when a hunting net is pulled in the bottom or just overhead the bottom. In the late 1940s, the stern bottom fishing was introduced and after that, it becomes very popular, the capacity to set gear in the conventional line and extreme utilization of the pulling power. Midwater fishing and bottom trawling are very useful methods.