Spotify is for the people who want to have their music with them.

One of the best music streaming facility is given by Spotify, but not all its users use all the features of this app, Spotify provides various features, in the music industry streaming is an important one and you can have a better version of your Spotify when you customize it, this app provides a lot of preferences exclusively. It helps to change your streaming to the advanced level. The descargar spotify premium gratis is useful for every Spotify user.

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Create a playlist:

The important thing you have to do to use Spotify is creating a playlist. The creation of a playlist is not the same for the normal and premium services and you have made the playlist step by step. All the users may able to create a playlist on mobile devices for some time, but assistant playlisting uses machine learning for numerous modified playlists. After you create a playlist in Spotify this app started to analyze the words you search and they recommend the songs based on your search list, and when you add new songs in the playlist Spotify recommends more songs based on the songs of your playlist.

Organize your playlist:

Create a playlist and add all the songs you want to listen, not only you can bring together your song lists but you can bring together the lists into playlist files. If you want to create a playlist folder, just click on the folder menu and touch the new playlist file option, now you can see a new playlist folder appear in the left side column. You can name your new folder and then you will be able to drag various playlists in and out of the folding file when you click on the folder all the sub-playlists will appear before you. Inside different folders, you can nest file folders inside the various folders.

Add new songs:

When you want to add more songs to your playlist, browse and radio options on the top left are best options to start, each Monday this app adds a set of thirty songs to the option called discover weekly list. Based on the songs you hear the Spotify robot adds new songs weekly. You can find the songs under the playlist or browser. When you want to listen to a new song in discover weekly make sure that you saved it in your playlist because the previous week songs are substituted by another set of songs the next Monday. To add a new song you need to click on add to playlist option, then add all the songs you want to save in your playlist.

Daily Mixes:

Daily Mix is a feature that is more symptomatic of Spotify app’s thrust addicted to personalization. Based on the songs you hear, the songs you put in your favorites, and the songs you add in your playlist this feature helps to change the song lists. If you are free Spotify user then you can skip the mix songs unlimitedly. In the left menu, you can see a made for your option there appear all the songs based on your watch list. These are some special features that help you to make your playlist more unique.